Capturing Thomas Pynchon

Rick Partlow insisted I made an appointment to see my sister when I went down to LA. I wish he had not done that, because we never got on a good footing. When he saw my artwork lined aganst the walls of Mickey Roonie’s old house, he said; “This looks good. We can take over the art world.” Phil Spector had all but taken over Music World, and, then he put a bullet in somebodies beautiful Muse. Music comes from the name Muse.

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“Warren Douglas is Post Office Investigator Bill Mannerson in this diligent Republic programmer. Top billing, however, is awarded to Audrey Long as villainess Clara Kelso. The “maguffin” is a collection of rare stamps, which the baddies attempt to steal from stalwart Mr. Mannerson.”

I’ve had quite the morning of investigative work. I rose around 6:30 AM and got back on the trail of the surrealist artist, Remedious Varo. I clicked on google images of this woman that Thomas Pynchon latched on to in his novelette ‘The Crying of Lot 49’ – and gasped!

“My God! That’s the woman Mary Ann did a portrait of!”

I fought for air as I went to her youtube video. I got my snippet tool ready to capture this portrait. I stopped the action!

“Holy shit! Look at those teeth chomping down on her head like a shark!”

The person who made this video got…

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