Masked Ball on Rose Mountain

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Above we see Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor wearing a headress that could have come out of Star Wars – worn before George Lucas graduated from high school? Have I missed my calling as an Art Historian, a…………. Art Director?

The Burtons were close friends of Banker Alexis von Rosenberg, Baron de Redé
a world class collector of art and banker friends, such as the Rothschilds. Did Rosenberg help Elizabeth with her collection?

“Rédé’s estate (notably the contents of his apartments at the Hôtel Lambert) was auctioned after his death by Sotheby’s and realized millions of pounds. Included in the many items, which comprised three catalogues, was a 32-light chandelier expected to sell for between one and two million euros.”

Consider the grand chandelier in the Phantom of the Opera.

Juan the Nazarite

The Masked Ball, Ca Rezzonico, Venice
by Lucius Rossi

In 1962, when Arturo Lopez-Willshaw died, Redé inherited half of…

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