Baba’s Castle

I prey the Kurds, and all religious minorities in the Levant, overcome the evil that has come to torture all the people’s of the world. “Babak has come back! History is repeating itself! Babak & Khurramdin’s Humane Reputation Arab historians tell us that it was Babak and Zoroastrianism / Khurramdin’s social message that attracted these followers. An example of the expression of his faith was the manner in which his army treated prisoners fairly and humanely (cf. Cyrus’ treatment of prisoners – he was more a liberator than conqueror). This was in marked contrast to the brutality with which the caliph’s army treated their prisoners. Babak’s prisoners were often set free on the promise that they would not fight against Babak’s army again. His administration improved the treatment of women and children giving them legal rights as people identical as men. When Babak was taken in shackles to be tortured and executed, women demonstrated their mourning without restraint, striking their faces and crying.

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The Parthian ruler, Babak, ruled over Adibene. Babak mean “little father”. Meher Baba, of Parsi descent, means “compassionate father”. Was Queen Helena related to Cyrus the Great?

Above is Babak’s castle that is right out of Tolkein. Surely this is the home of Gandalf the Grey’s grandfathers.

Jon the Nazarite

The Man
Babak Khorramdin (c 795/798-838) was born to a Zoroastrian family of Azerbaijan close to the city of Artavilla (modern Ardabil) in north-western Iran and the southwest Caspian region. The name Babak (also Papak) was the name of the founder of the Sassanian dynasty c 200 CE.

Babak’s Early Life
According to medieval writer Waqed bin Amr Tamimi’s Akbar Babak, a lost text quoted in the Fehrest of Ibn al-Nadim, Babak’s father was a Persian from Mada’in (Gk. Ctesiphon), 35 km south of modern Baghdad in Iraq. Mada’in was at one time a capital of Sassanian Persian Empire. Perhaps…

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