Were The Stuttmeisters Prussian Royalty

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I found a video of the Dorotheenstadt cemetery this morning. The Stuttmeister family are placed at the entrance. Millions of Berliners have walked past their grave. They appear to be kin to Dorothea von Holstein Glücksburg, Second Wife of the Elector Frederick William, the “Great Elector”, or, they adopted their names in order to honor them. Hedwig is Schleswig-Holstein. This family is very close to the Windsors and married Kaiser Wilhelm. There is rumor the Soviet Union looted all that belonged to this family and there is a search underway to restore lands seized by the East Germans to their rightful owners.

My father, Victor William Presco, was an only child. His mother’s middle name was Charlotte. Her mother was Alice Stuttmeister. Victor married Rosemary Rosamond whose ancestors allegedly were Huguenots who are buried in the Huguenot cemetary next to the the Dorotheenstadt cemetary that was named after Dorothea von…

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