Neo-Confederates and Voter Suppression

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Russian soldiers in Crimea





When the Democrats elected Barak Obama as President of the United States, Governor Rick Perry talked about Texas seceding from the Union. Perry is America’s Putin – who has not come into his own! Above is a photo of Rick with Denne Sweeney who ousted my kin, Anthony Hodges, as President of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, that was once a historic society that located lost graves of Veterans, and took care of them.

When President Obama announced his plan for passing a Healthcare Law, an alleged group of grass-root protestors appear in military uniforms. They would later march on Washington carrying guns. These rebels claimed they were a new Patriotic Militia ordained to restore the Constitution that Obama had destroyed by turning America into a Socialist Nation. Not one of these Patriots has objected to the billions of dollars the European Union is about to give Ukranians, who get…

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