Did Jesus Burn Debt Archives

Rosamond Press

In October of 2005 I founded a yahoogroup Joyous Jubilee. I believe Jesus came to restore the Jubilee, forgive all Jews of their debts, and destroy the tithe debt archives that were stored on temple grounds. If Romeny paid no taxes, then why should any American who was plunged into debt due to the Mortgage Meltdown. If the Federal Government can forgive the Romenys of their debt, why not millions more? The God of Jews established an earthly kingdom, and Jesus was restoring that kingdom. The Rapture is a hoax, a pie in the sky swindle backed by the Koch brothers who give millions to this heresy in order to end the two party system.

Jon Presco

Before the zealots burned Sephoris in 66 C.E., “their first impulse
once armed was to destroy the debt archives and revenge themselves
on those cities that administered their exploitation and

– John…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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