Turkey IS Helping ISIS


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As ISIS armored vehicles move to the outskirts of Kobane, the Turks are tear-gassing the Kurds who want to go back into Syria to help their brethren. Where are the Alliance Jets? ISIS has been out in the open shelling the citizens of Kobane for a week. Turkey has tanks lined up, but are not using them to make sure Kobane does fall to ISIS – as promised! Instead, they say they will only go into Syria to protect a shrine and the forty Turks guarding it. Why doesn’t Turkey let the Kurds use their tanks so someone can destroy these monsters guilty of war crimes?

This looks like a double-cross in exchange for Turkish prisoners. Turkey appears to be a Co-Terrorist nation who is using ISIS to get rid of old enemies who have killed many ISIS fighters. How many members of ISIS has Turkey killed? None! Their tanks, their jets, their canons, are silent as the slaughter begins. Remember what Stalin did to the people of Warsaw. If Turkey lets a massacre occur, then they are guilty of war crimes.

There is nothing complex about this. There are the mass murders in range of Turkish tanks. There are the rapers of little girls. We have seen this kind of demon before. Get them! Destroy them!

Who do these Trickster Turks think they are fooling?

Jon Presco






As Hitler’s troops systematically destroyed Warsaw, it was becoming clear that Stalin also wanted the Poles crushed.

Hiding in cellars, and wherever else they could, freedom fighters continued to push back against the Germans.  But nearby Soviet troops did nothing.  Even the Germans were surprised that not a single Russian soldier fired a shot.

As the situation for the Poles grew ever more desperate, they were on their own not just to fight but to figure-out safe escape routes.  Members of the resistance knew the end was near, even though they had fought two months to save their capital city.
With not a single ally to help them, the leader of the Polish Underground Army had to negotiate a ceasefire.  On the 2nd of October, 1944, the rebels laid-down their arms.  The freedom fighters had only one concession – they would be treated as prisoners of war, not bandits.  They had fought for sixty-three days.
As prisoners of war and civilians left the city, Warsaw itself was now at the mercy of unhindered destruction by the Germans.  With everyone gone, and the city decimated, Stalin could take over.  After he did, many captured Poles were sent to Soviet camps in Siberia.
Few historical events compare to the Warsaw Uprising.  Every year the Poles honor those thousands of people who used their all to resist Nazi aggression in their capital.

The Nazi directive, voiced by Himmler – to kill everyone in the city and raze Warsaw to the ground – had not been fully implemented, however, because people still survived.  It is estimated, however, that more than 200,000 Poles died during the resistance.

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    The Tombs of John and Saladin
    Posted on October 4, 2014
    by Royal Rosamond Press
    John the Nazarite Baptist was beheaded. St. Paul chased his church into Damascus where John’s head is at rest. Kurdish fighters have lost their head, fighting ISIS, not running away from ISIS who destroy ancient shrines, which is current history. The remains of Saladin lie near John.

    Jon the Nazarite

    “After the Arab conquest of Damascus in 634, the mosque was built on the site of a Christian basilica dedicated to John the Baptist (Yahya), honored as a… prophet by Christians and Muslims alike. A legend dating to the 6th century holds that the building contains the head of John the Baptist. The mosque is also believed by Muslims to be the place where Jesus (Isa) will return at the End of Days. The tomb of Saladin stands in a small garden adjoining the north wall of the mosque.”


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