Did Pilgrims Society Betray Obama?

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pilgrims10This morning I was going to post on the Pilgrims Society, but didn’t. I then saw the news that Britain may not fight alongside the United States in Syria.

I believe it was the Pilgrims Society that united Blair and Bush in order to Deregulate all the oil in Mideast, starting with the invasion of Iraq. This society will claim they are not racist, but, are just for the preservation of the Anglo-Saxon Race as the Ruling Race in the world. Not owning all that oil, but being greedy consumers of oil, would not do. Consider the Boxer Rebellion.

I have posted on the PS before. I suspect Rena has been following my blogs for two years. She is a pure blooded Arian of Swedish descent. Her Husband, Sir Ian Easton, had to have been very close to members of the Pilgrims Society. Ian had to know the present president…

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