Knights Templar – Arise!

Knight Templars………come to Rose Mountain!

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belvoir7If Life was a movie, and God was the Director, then He wold raise the Knight Templars of Til-Chatel and Rougemont from their tombs and have them ride into Vatican City with the rightful Pope in their midst, dressed in the hooded robe of a Monk.

Here is my post on the Dan Brown yahoogroup that I was banned from because I was over-qualified. I revealed the real tombs of real Knights Templar and suggested their DNA be tested in order to reveal a large group of Templars that intermarried, and thus are of a Holy Crusader Bloodline, and, would be the Knights chosen to guard the Holy lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene – if it is true they were husband and wife.

I told this group I do not have to apply the Templar Seal of Etienne Til-Chatel de Rougemont to any of Dan Brown’s fictional ideas that…

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