Baba’s Magi Castle and Comet Lovejoy

Meher Baba worked hard to unite all the religions of the world.

Rosamond Press

Since December 22nd I have posted a true prophecy. From Baba’s castle in Iran, I wondered if the Parthian Magi looked at the stars high in the mountains. The next day, comet Lovejoy appear in the heavens on December 23rd. I then posted on the Parthians war against Rome for the temple, the sons of Queen Helena of Adiabene, fighting along Jewish Saints and Nazarites, killing Roman troops because their mother was a famous Nazarite who gifted the Temple with a large golden Menorah, and golden words on the judged of Sotah, the woman accused of adultery.

Two days ago I blogged on the study that says Pharamond was the grandson of a Parthian, who married Rosamond, and begat the Merovingian Long-haired Kings of France, who some say are kindred of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, who fled to France. The Rosamond name will forever be associated with this legend of…

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