Johannite Heresy

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scan0071In 1990 I began my novel ‘The Lion of God’ where I depict John the Baptist as the true Messiah married to Mary Magdalene. Many theologians had concluded Jesus was an invention, and that Saint Paul corrupted this myth in creating his own religion. I wanted my book to be made into a movie that would show how Paul hunted down the original Christians who were Nazarites, not to be confused with Nazarenes.

In the chapter ‘The Wedded Circle’ John is on the island of Cyprus where his mother owns a rich estate. Paul is heading there with a fleet, he employed by the Romans to destroy the abolition and abstinence movement that was also an ecology movement because Rome was growing grape vines on the denuded hills of North Africa where once stood vast forests of pine trees. To make matters worse, Roman manufacturers have made cheap wine cups…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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