“Mr. Brooks! The Replacement Jews are here!”

Most members of the Tea Party are into Replacement Theology. They are insane and are bring our government to a halt. Their leaders should be arrested for Treason!

Rosamond Press

Zionist Jews are encouraging neo-Confederate Rednecks to play the role of Big Victims, the lover of Jesus and Israel, who is being bullied by the Liberal Left and their President. This Big Lie is funded by Madison Avenue and Wall Street Bankers, who use Trailer Trash as human shields, who are guaranteed to go to the polls and die for Liberal Sins.

Wait till you read the REAL FATE OF THE JEWS, Replacement Theology has in store for the REAL JEWS!

Jon the New Wallooner

“Mr. Brooks, the Replacement Jews are here.”
Jon Presco <braskewitz yahoo.com>
2008-05-23 05:16:41 GMT

“Mr. Brooks, the Replacement Jews are here.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI10nV26-Og

“Whoa! This is them!? These are real Nazi dancing girls, and I should know. I thought they were the Pretenders, the Gentile wanna-be Jews?’ “The Pretendrs are the Jews, Mr. Brooks. These Nazis are the real Jews.” The Nazis are the real Jews!…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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