Jack Solomon & Spielberg

Christine is cleverly blamed for her own death. ‘Ugly Vicki’ has Christine telling Layne they are going to hunt for tide critters in the morning, and Donald warns her to be cautious. My sister knows there are no tide-pools at Rocky Point, she having dined at Rocky Point restaurant. Vicki has our sister telling Vicki she is sure the tide is going out. Allan Fox knew there were no tide-pools. Did he inform Christine who had no intention of looking in tide-pools. Here is a fight over a painting. “Well, thanks to Putin, the Cold War is back. Putin is a devout Christian, so gone is the bust of Lenin!”

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Jack Solomon and Steven Speilberg were in a legal battle over a Norman Rockwell painting titled ‘Russian Schoolroom’ that was stolen by someone mixed up in the assassination of Martin Luther King.

I believe it was around 1980 that my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, began doing lithographs and showing them at the Circle Gallery that was located on Maiden Lane in San Francisco, and was owned by Jack Solomon. One of Rosamond’s biographers says she was thinking of going back with Circle Gallery just before she died in 1994. This appears to be the case, she having shows in Denver, New York, and other major cities. Stacy Pierrot says she came back to Carmel from one of these shows the day Christine drowned. At her funeral, Stacey approached my mother and I in the courtyard in front of the gallery, and told us Rosamond’s career was being revitalized by…

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