Climbing Rosengartenspitze


Looking back down the route from near the top at 7:30 AM, pitch 14.

Looking south at 6:00 AM.



Capturing Similde

Who dare climb
humanities loftiest peak
to capture beauty
adorned in universal peace
Who will take the risk
to own a spiritual transcendence?

Why has no poet or artist gone
to see the treacherous rocks
where from the Rose of the World
was washed away
And with serene brow
and a love for the truth
rendered a work of art
a forgiving sonnet?

Theodoric accepts the challenge
and comes to the Rose Garden
to rescue the beautiful Similde
captured by a dwarf
with an invisible cloak
Brave knights follow
the clue of the crushed roses
and render their foe

What is there to see
when we chose to rise
above it all
all that is base
lacking grace
and civility?
Youth challenges youth
while wisdom old in years
authors chivalrous poetry
for grandsons un-born

There must be a mystery
and a clue
a broken thread
that marks the point
of no return.
For our destiny awaits
where we dare not go
and we go
to see
if we are truly alive
and are not a mirage
and life a cruel fantasy





In the “King Laurin Legend” Similde is the princess whom the dwarf king falls in love with and eventually abducts to his magical rose garden.
Her name is a contracted form of Sigmilde, which is derived from Middle High German sige “victory” and milte “grace; clemency; kindness; endearment; tenderness; love”.

People can tell that in »Gartl«, where nowadays the slopes of the high valley between Rosengartenspitze, Laurinswand and Vajolet towers are covered with talus, once there was a wonderful rose garden of Laurin, the dwarf king. When the king of Etsch country wanted to marry his beautiful daughter Similde, he invited all noblemen around, except King Laurin. But that one had a coat with a miraculous hood which enabled him to participate as an invisible guest. Seeing Similde he immediately fell in love with her, put her on his horse and ran away. All noblemen followed him, led by Dietrich from Bern and his armorer Hildebrand. Soon they arrived to the rose garden.

But King Laurin also had a miracle belt which gave him the strength of twelve men, so he accepted the battle. But he had to realise that despite of everything he will not win. He pulled on his invisibility coat and ran here and there across his rose garden. But the Knights were able to follow him, because they observed where flowers were moving. They grabbed the dwarf king, destroyed the magic belt and took him in captivity. For the last time King Laurin turned back on his beautiful garden and roses which had betrayed him. He spelled a curse, that neither by day nor by night a human eye should ever see their beauty.

But Laurin had forgotten the twilight, and so it is that people even today in mornings and evenings can see high in the walls of Rosengarten massif the blossoming rose garden of King Laurin.

The Rosengartenspitze (Italian Cima Catinaccio, Ladin Ciadenac) is a mountain in the Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy.

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