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There was no mention of Allan Fox, or his famous house, in Tom Snyder’s biography of Christine. Tom Snyder had read my report to the Coroner. Mentioning the death of a famous artist in a famous house would have been a great story. But, Tom was hired by Stacey Pierrot who did mention in ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ there was going to be a “beach party” that she was going to attend. She had to know Allan Fox who Tom says was a collector of Rosamond’s works. We are talking about Mary Ann’s ex sister-in-law who studied architecture at Cornell, where she met Pynchon whose movie about a PI is due out. In this blog I talk about my PI friend who suggested Christine was murdered after he saw the Coroner’s report. “A couple weeks after Christine drowned, Vicki invited me to lunch. I asked her if my friend, Michael Harkins could come along. Michael had done detective work for the famous PI, William Linhart, who worked for Carl Chessman. At lunch, Vicki made me offer. If I sold the family partnership Rosamond prints at shows, she would give me 50% percent. Vicki had asked me to make shelves for these prints in her closet, they kept under her bed. Michael and I concluded these prints were in the trunk of the Rambler parked outside Christine’s home the day of the funeral. Michael pointed out how the back of the car was weighted down. He pointed to the locksmith and said;

“We should ask him to come over and pop the hood.”

I turned Vicki’s offer down knowing nothing should have been taken from that house – that should have been sealed!

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closeyour“How to Clean Suede Material How to Care for a Suede Coat Pretreating

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“I had expected Drew to climb out.” Vicki remembers, “but I was in shock seeing Christine disappear, and hadn’t noticed Drew was
still in the water until I heard a voice say: Get Drew. Then I rushed…

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