How Did Christine Rosamond Die?

My nephew, Shamus, says he was leaping rock to rock looking for lizards after he said he was “jogging” to stay warm. LOOK how rugged and steep these rocks are rocks. Underneath the ice plants are big rocks making walking a hazardous chore! If I was Fox I would come running – if he was not already there! Was his attorney with him? Was Clint Eastwood still the Mayor of Carmel? Was he ever a guest of Allan’s house? I was kept away from a meeting at Christine’s house the next day. Was Fox there? “Blustery was definitely not the right word,
especially since little piglet was not carried away by the wind
holding naught but a carrot. Gusts of cool wind would have been a
better choice. Windy would have worked and been accurate. the mph of
the winds I couldn’t/can’t approximate for you. I used the word
Jogging to explain to you approximately the pace I was going from
rock to rock to look for lizards. I was not jogging for excercise, I
was simply scanning the rocks as I went by. To jog by instead of walk
by, #1 gets me from rock to rock faster. #2 it let’s me perhaps
surprise a lizard trying to catch morning sun to warm up. I never did
see a lizard, nor did I have any reason to believe there would be
any. I only explored to see if maybe there were some.”

Rosamond Press




scan0061“Sister says Rosamond ‘always had nightmares about the water'”

Here is a large photo of Rocky Point and the house my kindred were staying in on March 25 and 26, 1994. Use the bottom and side bar to move the image to the right until you see a house built into the rocks. Directly below that is a cove into the rock. Here is where allegedly Christine Rosamond and Drew Benton were swept into the sea.

Vicki says;

“nothing about the ocean, that day, would indicate we were in danger.” “It was a full moon weekend with lots ot tidal action. A friend told me that five other people were swept out to sea (from Califnornia North Coast) over the same period.”

Millions of people watched hurricane Sandy devistate New York and New Jersey due to a high tide with full moon. The moon and sun rose around the…

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