The Zorthian Sisters

Eastwood made the movie ‘Byrd’ that is about the Jazz great, Charlie Parker, who was a friend of Zorthian and recorded out at the ranch. Pynchon is a Jazz Freak and drops jazz notes and clues all through his books.

Rosamond Press

In 1966, Keith Pruvis, Barry Zorthian, and myself drove Highway 101, from LA to San Francsico, in a 1956 Ford Thunderbird convertable. We were never so free, so full of fun. We were on top of the world.

Keith and Barry were lovers. When I introduced the Zorthian sisters to my mother, she went nut, told me to marry one of them because they had money. I could care less.

Barry is a MD at Highland Hospital down the street from the Broderick home. Seyburn is an artist like her father and is co-owner of a winery.

All the above lived in the ‘The Idle Hands’ commune in SF.

Jon Presco

Barry Zorthian, MD

Dr. Zorthian was nominated by ACMC’s Medical Staff to serve as their representative on the Board of Trustees in 2010. She is an internist in ACMC’s Department of Medicine, and holds an appointment as Associate Clinical…

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