The Jewish Mob

The Hippies were giving it away FOR FREE! The Mob depended on folks trying to have morals, and failing. Take away the guilt and shame, and these guys are out of business. My novel ‘The Gideon Computer’ is based upon this old Hippie saying; “Don’t lay your guilt-trip on me!” Not only were the Catholic Kennedy brothers relaxing our National Morals, they were going after the Mob who knew about Marilyn Monroe and the orgies at the Beverly Hills Hotel. My mother confessed she met people who were too kinky for her.

Rosamond Press

Purple%20GangIn the spring of 1963 the world was a very precarious and jaded place to live. Down south hateful and murderous segregationist were doing much evil in the eyes of the Lord to make sure the black man is never completely set free. Jack Kennedy has asked his brother Bobby to go after the mob while he makes plans to go to Dallas to take on the neo-Confederates. This was risky business, more risky than our President’s healthcare reform. It sickens me to see young people give up on ideals they should champion because they are having a little identity crisis, and thus should adopt a fake conspiracy or two, and hold on to it like a Pet Rock. They have no idea that America was run by organized crime and organized hate groups who hated the Communists because they didn’t want them muscling in on their turf and taking…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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