Avatar in the Mountian

The King in the Mountain, is awake! The journey begins! His story must be told. He summons the Master of the Woods.

Rosamond Press

On March 17 I posted on the King in the Mountain in regards to my Bohemian kindred. Hence, we have taken a journey worthy of the History Channel to Iran, to a cave, where stands a colossus worthy of Rhodes and Lady Liberty. The statue is Shapur 1 who may be kin to the Merovingian Long-hair Kings of France. Shapur looks like my Teacher, Meher Baba, called ‘The Awakener’. This giant was known in the west since, but, only recently was it discussed. Did the family and followers of Meher Baba know about this King of Kings who defeated three Roman emperors and their Roman legions?

Note the angels standing guard at the entrance of another cave where Shapur and his kindred rest. In my old blog I showed many archways. This royal family has been usurped by radical Muslims, who took many Americans prisoner when the toppled the Shah…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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