Atlantian Rangers of Rosamond

Belle Burch understood my young self had fallen in love with her – my muse! I told her I am heir to the Hobbit Lore – that I wanted her to help me write! This is what I really tried to give her. My mother’s maiden name is a Hobbit name. ““As a token of her confidence, she told him he need no longer call
her, “Auntie.” The previous year, Bilbo had suggested that Frodo no
longer address him as, “Uncle,” if he wished. Plain, “Bilbo,” would
do. Frodo still called Bilbo, “Uncle,” now and then; it had become
too ingrained a habit. But, following suit, Rosamunda suggested Frodo
might call her, “Rosa,” or, “Rosamunda.” Frodo forgot, and called
her, “Auntie,” many times, but, within the space of an afternoon
tea, “Rosa,” she became.”
Rosamunda Bolger (née Took) was the mother of Fredegar “Fatty” Bolger
and Estella Brandybuck. She was married to Odovacar Bolger and was
known as Rosamunda Took prior to the marriage. They lived in
Budgeford in Bridgefields in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. Rosamunda
and Odovacar both attended the Bilbo’s Farewell Party in 3001 along
with their children.

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scan0039I believe Rena Victoria Easton descends from Danish Royalty as do I, and perhaps, Ian Easton. The Atlantian Kings were “long-faced kings”. Strider was a Rover. The actor who played in the movie Lord of the Rings looks like me. Christine Rosamond and I were Tolkein freaks. J.R. was born in Holland. In 1969 I declared myself a New Nazarite and painted an old radio in the fashion of William Morris the Pre-Raphaelite, whose ‘House of Wolfing’ inspired Tolkein to author his trilogy.

Rena was my living work of art. If she had married me she would have been the kindred of Mary Magdalene, Royal, and Christine, Rosamond. It is no mistake that I look like the actor chosen to play Aragorn, who descends from the Dúnedain. Consider my kindred the Dundon. Are we looking at the Tribe of Dan and the Danes?
The actors who played Aragorn is of…

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