Playing VA Games For Money?



The VA has been “gaming the system”. The question is, did the top people do this so they could collect their bonuses – MONEY!

Jon Presco

The e-mail outlined ways employees could manipulate the system to hide the fact that veterans had to wait months for appointments, said Lisa Lee, a scheduler at the VA clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado, which is managed by the Wyoming clinic.

“We were sat down by our supervisor … and he showed us exactly how to schedule so it looked like it was within that 14-day period,” Lee told CNN. “They would keep track of schedulers who were complying and getting 100 percent of that 14 day(s) and those of us who were not.”

The VA’s official policy is that all patients should be able to see a doctor, dentist or some other medical professional within 14 days of their requested/preferred date. Any wait longer than two weeks is supposed to documented. But many veterans end up waiting longer, and the delays are never reported, veterans and their advocates say.

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    When Obama took office the Republicans swore they would OPPOSE EVERYTHING he attempts to do. Like the Bundyites they claimed they were the rightful rulers of America. You would think they would have backed one Big Government Program, but they didn’t! Now, here come Trump, the Republican Renegade, to put wounded veterans – in his pile – so he can better OPPOSE a major political party, and thwart them in all their attempts to do good, or appear to be doing good, for the sake of ALL THE PEOPLE. They got what was coming to them. Trump SHUT THEM DOWN and rendered them POWERLESS! The whole party has been exposed for what they are – OPPOSERS! Meanwhile, wounded Vets are waiting in the annex of despair. They began a UNCIVAL WAR, that took themselves down, and the Nation.

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