Summoning The Muse of Sir Sterling London Joaquin Lord de Rosemond

Belle Burch about busted her britches when I said these magic words “Bohemian Club”. “Is there such a thing?” She innocently asked. I should have taken her to dinner and laid it all on her – before she found my blog ad became possessed. This was written two months before I met Belle.

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renap0003During the Summer of Love, and the renewal of Bohemian activity in the Bat Area on a grand scale, only I seemed to be aware of Sterling, London, and Joaquin ‘The Trail Blazers’ who had gone before us into the wilderness, and carved out Bohemian Sanctuaries, groves, wherein we worshipped the Queen of Druids – our Grand Bohemian Muse!

“Hail Brother Bohemians – Lovers of the Grand Beloved Muse!”

With the return of the Muse that Bill and I followed, and who rendered my late sister a world famous artist, can the re-capture of the Creative Spirit that has fallen into hands of the Un-Creative of the World – commence!

In discovering that my great grandfather, Carl Janke, was the first to build a Bohemian Community and Retreat in Belmont California – that he co-founded – put my family history next door to the Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio.


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