Cleanse the Whiteaker

Whiteaker Block Party, Eugene, Oregon  2012




The Whiteaker must be cleansed after the Witch-hunt, and the soul-murdering of the Last Hippie. My new friend, Stefan Eins, has been behind me during this witch-hunt of a fellow artist that is getting the attention of artists in New York. Stefan, Chris, and I were reviving the Woodstock Nation.

Consider the woman who shot Andy Warhol and Alley Valkyrie who hails from Brooklyn. Stefan asked how the musical is going that stars Belle. He is telling me not to quit and get back to work. I’m going to make Belle and her gang an offer. Put together a band and dancers and do this at the Whiteaker Celebration, because this is what should be happening. Artists are inspired! That is their primary interest.

There is a Love connection with the Whiteaker Pioneers. Return to your grass roots. Let’s really blow some minds!

This stuff is too lame. Work with it. Bring it back to life!


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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