Union of Western Culture



With the show of unity between Merkel and Obama, it is time to define the cultural union that should exist between Europe and America in order to strengthen our resolve and our focus of our efforts to defeat the ideological tyranny that Putin is launching in Europe.
This cultural unity may only exist in this blog, in regards to my study of Denis De Rougemont, who was a founding father of the European Union.

Jon Presco







President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are putting on a display of trans-Atlantic unity against an assertive Russia, even as sanctions imposed by Western allies seem to be doing little to change Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reasoning on Ukraine.

Days after the United States and the European Union slapped Moscow with a new round of sanctions, Merkel was to hold meetings, a working lunch and a joint news conference with Obama on Friday. The German chancellor comes to the White House buoyed by a decisive re-election victory late last year but facing pressure from all sides as Europe seeks to toe a hard line against Russia on Ukraine without harming its own economic interests.

As the crisis in Ukraine has deteriorated, Merkel has spoken to Putin perhaps more frequently than any other European leader. As such, the U.S. sees her as a critical channel of communication with the unpredictable Russian leader, as well as a key player in the effort to prevent other EU nations from going soft on sanctions.

“There’s no question that the situation in Ukraine, the continued failure by Russia to abide by its commitments in the Geneva Agreement will be a focus of the conversation,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said in a reference to the diplomatic deal struck two weeks ago in the Swiss city to calm tensions between pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine and the central government in Kiev.

U.S. and German officials said ahead of the Obama-Merkel meeting that part of the discussion probably would focus on how the U.S. and Europe would coordinate harsher punishments — including sanctions targeting broad sectors of Russia’s economy — should Moscow further provoke tensions in Ukraine, such as by sending military forces into restive eastern Ukraine. The White House is concerned that Europe’s deep economic interests in Russia and dependence on Russian energy could deter EU nations from following through with sanctions that could ricochet onto their own economies.

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