Prophets of the Tree Rings

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Yesterday I found a Grail at the Lane County Historical Society, that hopefully will change the way we look at things today, and the way we live and communicate with one another. I beheld the beautiful master plan put forth by the Miller Brother Prophets, who are right out of the Lord of the Rings, as you will see.

Jon Presco

The Society also publishes the Lane County Historian, a tri-annual periodical of local historical information. It also prints a quarterly newsletter and other publications, such as diaries, cemetery records, and local census records. Throughout the year the Society hosts general meetings featuring presentations of historical interest. It also participates in many projects such as historic preservation and the collection of oral histories. For further information, contact the Lane County Historical Society at P. O. Box 5407, Eugene, OR 97405-3819, via email, or phone (541) 682-4242. To join The Lane County Historical Society, you may complete our Membership Form.
The Society’s vision for the future is to create a history center in a visible, accessible location. It would house the Museum, possible related organizations, and a cafe–in a space twice the size of the current facility. It would include a larger, more accessible exhibit space, adequate workspace for collections management and exhibit preparation, storage for current and expanded collections, a well designed library and archives, an expanded gift shop and bookstore, and a multi-purpose room or theater with kitchen facilities for events. The center would also be climate controlled, secure, well-lit and ADA accessible. It would be a dynamic education, research and entertainment destination.

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