‘The Man Apron’





It has been revealed that Bush is a Bohemian, and an artist. I will now refer to him as BB – Bohemian Bush! It is going to much harder calling BB ‘An Artist’. However, he might have just squeaked over the line with his ‘Naked Bathtub Knees’ self-portrait. This might be BB’s masterpiece. It shows that not only was he addle brained, but ‘Idle Brained’. Having too much time on your hands is indicative of being a Bohemian. Now, my revue!

Totally deluded! This is terrible art! The worst! Goodwill has a better collection. The Museum of Bad Art is going to have to open a whole new wing, the ‘Presidential Wing’.


What is made perfectly clear here, is, white folks and Republicans have gone way out of their way to praise BB, knowing he is inept, and has no talent in anything! To apply this delusion to Obama – out of spite – where a very capable and gifted man is slandered for the sake of a known fool, will go down in history as the worst dark age to hit human kind. Bush has taken us back to Beullah Land where everyone is bid to praise the master in the big house, because next to his box of oils, hangs a bullwhip!

This is crap, artistic demagoguery where the most modern nation in the history of mankind, must HUMOR the Family Idiot, make him look good – no matter what? Why? Why? Why? To paint himself while in the bathtub, we getting to see his lily-white knees – is a slap in the face to the creative endeavor that made its way out of a cave 25,000 years ago.

This exceeds “Mission Accomplished” and is another demonic gold star applied to a cynical spoiled brat! We have been duped by a dope, a real Butthead!

Take note that his mother and his wife did not let Bohemian Bush do their portraits. His father, relents, and looks like Freddy Kruger without his hat!

There is something wrong with a man rendering a shiny chrome water faucet between his naked legs pouring out a hot healthy stream of hot water. How long has BB been fixated with this image that might be one that millions of people all over the world, share! Now, let’s make some bubbles! I am inspired to do a painting of Sarah and BB in the bath together – as three year olds!

BB shamelessly renders his white dog that Putin put down, did a Dundee on him. “You call that a dog?”

BB looks proud of this canine masterpiece. As I type, Putin has ordered a giant portrait of hi dog – with spiked collar!

BB says Putin saw America as the enemy. WELL? Why didn’t he do something, anything, like bitch-slap the “Evil One”. Instead, BB goes after an easier target in Iraq. Is this why BB is wearing a ‘Man Apron’. Take a good look, Sarah, this apron is going to be on all Democratic campaign ads!

Look for a giant portrait of Putin wearing a leather Blacksmith’s apron, he making the sparks fly as he hammers out a cycle. Putin and Thor!

You’ve heard of Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ and ‘The Cold War’?Well, are you ready for ‘Art War’?

For sure BB’s dog and bathtub are hanging in the clubhouse of the Knight Wolves, they throwing darts at BB’s canine wanna-be as Putin rolls on the floor with laughter.

Why do I have the inkling BB has hung his portrait of Putin above the bathtub with this caption;


And, what is that note encased in plastic under the faucet, say? How about;


Jon Presco




“But she quipped that she will not allow her son to paint her because ‘it might look like me’.

As his paintings of the world leaders were revealed, Bush said he hopes the leaders will like them. None of them have yet seen the images, he said.

‘I hope they take it in the spirit in which these were painted in,’ he said. ‘That was the spirit of friendship and that I admire them as leaders and was willing to give it a shot in terms of getting people to see how I felt about them.’

Speaking about the artwork brought back images of his time with the world leaders, especially Putin. He said they had a good relationship, but that he always thought Putin saw the U.S. as an enemy.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2596874/George-W-Bush-reveals-striking-new-paintings-world-leaders-exhibit.html#ixzz2y1myjuFy

He added that the Russian leader once took it too far when he criticized his beloved Scottish terrier, Barney, saying, ‘You call that a dog?’

He explained that he later visited Putin and met his dog, whom the Russian leader noted was ‘bigger, stronger and faster than Barney’.

‘I didn’t react,’ he said. ‘I just said, “Wow. Anybody who thinks ‘my dog is bigger than your dog’ is an interesting character.” And that painting kind of reflects that.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2596874/George-W-Bush-reveals-striking-new-paintings-world-leaders-exhibit.

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