Bill the Royal, Rich, and Righteous


Bill the royal, the rich, and the righteous! Here is president Viktor’s palace. Do you think it had something to do with his overthrow? To hear that Russian diplomat at the UN scold people for having a revolution against this greedy pig, was sickening. It was right out of Orwell!

It’s time for the common people to unite all over the world and pass laws that bill the 1% for getting us into wars. Draft their children too. Tax churches that preach war! Then they will think twice about a holy crusade.


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Posted March 2, 2014. I am a Seer! “Almost exactly five years ago, Bob Mueller met Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, then a client of Paul Manafort. At the time, the meeting drew little attention—just a Facebook post from the Ukrainian Embassy in the U.S. and a few short write-ups from wire services. But now, the moment has historical significance: It brought together two men who would later (indirectly) face off in a legal battle that’s shaking the White House and its allies. The FBI and Mueller’s spokesman both declined to comment for this story.

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