The Lost Rosamond Graves





In 1971 I called Rena in Grand Island Nebraska and asked her for a picture of her profile. She said this to me;

“I love you more afar, than near.”

I knew this seventeen year old wanted to experience and own all the power she could acquire. She was at her grandmother’s during the summer break. She had broken up with her artist boyfriend whose name I wished I owned. I also wished I had bought a camera at Goodwill ad shot rolls of film of our time together.

But, what is our time together? I believe we have not been apart in spirit for forty-four years. This idea is appalling to Rena because she has resigned to spend the rest of her life with her ex-husband who wants little to do with her. She wants to be Rosamond’s Muse, more that my Muse. But, what is being revealed I am the progenitor of the Rosamond legend. Rena and my relationship is one of the most profound in Art History, for it proves there is a Timeless Creative Connection that brings certain players to a divinely creative stage.

Here is the hunt for lost Rosamond graves in South Carolina and Mississippi. Rosemary Rosamond is the real Scarlet O’Hara. Rosemary Rosamond was a real witch! I wish they had met.

The name Rosamond may have come from Rougemont Switzerland. A man who marries a woman named Rose, can use Rosamond as a surname.

I want Rena to marry me. Our work together is not finished. Stop running away from your destiny. Already another world has been created in our separation.

The last time I touched Rena was in a dark movie theatre in Lincoln.

“I’m getting fat. Feel.” and after telling me this lie, she took my hand and placed it under her green velvet cape, on her flat stomach, where I kept it till the movie ended.

We fell asleep this way, every night in our tent, my beautiful fingers spread over her exquisite abdomen. When I see Christine and the Phantom in a similar embrace, I am in heaven.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

The Sergeant’s son Thomas Rosemond is said to have arrived in South Carolina with his wife Sarah and two year old son Samuel in 1740. No record of their arrival in South Carolina has been located. One deed found in the South Carolina State Archives shows that there was a tract of land that bordered on the property of a Thomas Rosamond in a SC county somewhat distant from Abbeville County where the Rosamond family is known to have lived. This is the only record of a Thomas Rosamond having lived in South Carolina in colonial times. Thomas and Sarah’s son Samuel is Captain Samuel Null Rosamond, a well documented South Carolina Revolutionary War soldier and plantation owner.
The given name of the third alleged son of Sergeant Rosemond is unknown. One researcher claims that this son’s name was William and that he too came to the colonies, but only stayed for five years before returning to Ireland. This son of Sergeant Rosemond had at least one son who was named James. This James Rosemond is documented in County Leitrim and a number of his numerous children came to America where they settled in the northern states and southern Canada

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FALL 2000, Final Weekend of September

We are planning a trip to Abbeville, South Carolina the last weekend of September and all Rosamond and related cousins are invited. We haven’t yet decided on where we will be staying, or the exact itenerary for the visit, so all suggestions are welcome. One of the definites for the trip will be a cleanup of the cemetery described in the email below from Gwen Rosamond Forrester. If you plan to come contact me at, or any of the Rosamond researchers listed on the OTHER RESEARCHERS page. I will be posting details online as they become available.
The following email was sent by one of the Rosamond cousins, Gwen Rosamond Forrester to the rest of the research cousins:
Hey Y’all,

Mark and I just got back from a trip to Halan Co., Ky., and Lee Co., Va., where his folks settled after leaving NC. We had a very successful trip with finding graves of his ancestors and meeting a relative. Since we were only about 200 miles from Abbeville, SC, we drove down there to look around, and guess what, we asked a couple of gentlemen, David Higgon’s and Mr. Richie (believe his name was Walter) in Ware Shoals, if they knew where the Walnut Grove Baptist Church was. (The church our Rosamond’s, Hill’s, Hodges, and Graham’s attended in the early 1800’s)

Sure enough, they both knew where it was. David lead us to it, and he lead us to the few graves on Mulberry Creek that mark the original site of the church that was organized in 1826. Talk about luck! This was so exciting!!! We were so lucky to have ran into these two gentleman.

These graves are right along a paved road in the woods (I mean, the stones are right along the road). This cemetery is in bad shape. No one is taking care of it. It is over grown in weeds, trees and with poison oak and ivy everywhere. David, Mark and I ventured out into the cemetery a little ways. Couldn’t go to each stone because the poison oak & ivy is soooo thick. There aren’t many stones. Some graves are marked with field stones and doesn’t have any writing on them, and some of the field stones looked as those they had been chiseled on but you couldn’t read it. There are Mays buried there and one stone was a Williams. Stones are in bad shape, you can hardly read them. They have black mildew, moss or what ever from the trees, all over them. There is one stone laying on the ground in perfect condition. No mildew or anything on it. You can read it clearly. It is the marker of Lucrete Mays born Dec 14, 1797 died Feb 14, 1845. Y’all, this is probably Sarah “Sally” Mays Rosamond’s mother. What do you think?

I couldn’t hardly leave there without looking at each stone, but the poison oak was to bad. Mark and I are highly allergic to these plants. I knew though, that we are all going to be there next year, or whenever and we can be better prepared to tackle this adventure. As soon as David left, Mark and I changed jeans, socks and shoes right there by the car on the side of the road. Pretty picture! That poison oak and ivy will go through your clothes if you give it time. We were very lucky, we were o’k the next morning. Only one car passed on that road the whole time we were at the cemetery, so it isn’t a busy one.

When we go there next year, or whenever, those of us allergic to these plants, will need to wear at least knee high rubber boots. We will also need to do some tombstone rubbings to be able to read the stones. Does anyone in this group know how to do tombstone rubbings? A lady in Lee Co., Va., showed me how by using paper and a pencil. She said you could also use colored chalk that children use at school. It wont hurt the stones at all. When it rains, it will wash the chalk off.

David told us the Walnut Grove Church has tried to put a book together about the History of the Church. He said this book is at the church. We were there on Monday, and no one was there. David said the original church (1826) on Mulberry Creek was a brush arbor, which was posts with brush on top to protect them from rain. They were having Church service when it stated to rain. Had a flash flood that swept the brush arbor away. Everyone was scramming to get to higher ground, scared the horses so bad they all ran away. That’s when they moved the Church to higher ground. It was built next to where the Walnut Grove Church stands today.

Ruth, do you know the History of Walnut Grove Church, and do you know who is buried in the original cemetery?

Abbeville is a beautiful Old Historic town. It takes you back in time. Has a lot of old beautiful two story homes. I have a pamphlet listing the motels in the Old 96 District when we get ready to make reservations. If we stay in Abbeville, there is a Belmont Inn on town square that would be perfect for us to stay in, if y’all like this sort of thing. The Belmont Inn was built 1902-03 as the Eureka Hotel to accommodate “drummers” of the textile trade, patrons of the Opera House, traveling salesmen of the day, and the railroad men who had layovers in Abbeville. It’s listed on the National Register of Historic places in Abbeville. It has 25 newly remodeled, decorated rooms. They let Mark and I walk through it. The rooms that didn’t have occupants in them, they leave the doors open so we were about to view them. They are furnished with old antique furniture, some rooms have large pieces of furniture. It has wooden floors and looks like bedrooms in antebellum homes, only a bit smaller. It is nice and very clean. Really takes you back in time. Prices are very reasonable. More on that later.

The Belmont Inn is next door to the Opera House and two doors from the court house. The Library is one block away. If yall had rather stay in a motel there are three motels around Abbeville, but the nicer ones are in Greenwood, which is only 15 miles away. Mr. Richie told me the Library in Greenwood was better than the one in Abbeville. I only got to spend a couple of hours at the Library in Greenwood. They have a lot of old books for research, made several copies, but don’t think I found too much of what we don’t already have. Haven’t had a chance to look it over.

Something else we might want to think about. This pamphlet I have says Edgefield County, (which we all know is part of Old 96 District) has D.A. Tompkins Memorial Library. It serves as a genealogical and historical research center focusing on the Old 96 District. It is the headquarters for the Courtesy Center and Archives. If we have time, we might want to check this out.

Your Cousin,
Gwen Rosamond Forrester


July 2002: it is at the bottom of the 13th if key, the e tomb of one more night darker me than others, fate struck the e shop of its bloody canines Rougemont…

Under the appearance of a troubadour, Kergan the Vampire was drenched blood of Lady Marianne. The spectacle of fire Lady Marianne vampiris e, Messire Jehan de Rougemont swore to avenge his lady. Thus, the n for each g n ration of Rougemont should kill Kergan, the Prince of the night. After moult d capitation, and a night less only than others with Mona, Jehan committed suicide so Kergan ignore him one of his disciples.
Paris, 1933:

Vincent Rougemont, last of line, is cras by the weight of bad diction… He has hidden his duty but its duty attacked it in its ves r reminding him the painful family pass.

It investigations te and d covers then a chest buried o is the handwritten version of its ves r: it is a pile of war against Kergan that he d Earth. Still need to open the trunk…

everything begins, or rather t continues, dear b of the Inquisition. FR re Aymer has gu d piti for his victims. But face it there is another monster, most bloodthirsty: Kergan the vampire.

He juggles tarnishes it and continues to pursue his hatred n g De Rougemont family rations. Found so both in the hot streets of Paris in the ann es thirty on the canals of Venice during the great plague which vast d Europe.

The last of the De Rougemont will end the evil diction gr this box l gu by its very CNA?

Kergan vampire, enemy jur de Rougemont, tracking of g n ration in g n ration members of this family of vampire hunters.

In this 3 me episode, it lies face Armand de Rougemont, Commissioner of the people during the revolution fran r easy. Calvin thus a blink of an eye the s series Dampierre pursued as sc screenwriter with Eric then Pierre Legein.

“You have certainly more blood on their hands than I could swallow in a key if” proclaims the vampire his victim. Subsequently, we find Armand de Rougemont, 1930s to the ann, the other thread of this exciting saga that revisits the myth of Dracula.

This is the opportunity for the author of d write a Paris people through by limousines to epoch. Finally, there is Elise, the fianc e of Armand, another challenge of the struggle between Kergan and the latter.

the Hunter is tomb. He who, however, was persuaded to finally have limin prey…

Vincent Rougemont has had beautiful explain that he had been defeat a vampire, his pr presence at the scene of a crime just his cart mind of the police to a suspect, or even a guilty…

Intern in a mental asylum, Vincent travels Maximilien journal, one of his very anc, which also owed him cross the creature without ge cr… Over the pages pass resurfaced. But Vincent doesn’t know yet is that the corpse of one who cannot die slowly returns to life.

The pass and the pr feels will again merge. Tracking down will have to start again…

Combining with skill the canons of the being with the originalit’s flashes back, Lizzie begins this new cycle with jubilation. He opened the coffins and plunged his characters into an evil fique whirlwind that carries the reader his suite…

Site Gl nat February 2002: Tesfahans gr this Leona Lansberg complicit, the greater White-fronted myst re, Vincent Rougemont nurses will be able to continue the eternal and family the personi by diabolical Vladimir Kergan vampire hunting.

The latter, oddly discreet during the previous, gradually recovering from his wounds, tome is today more determined than ever. He draws d now the r g operator n blood in the bowels of innocent children. Its new g series, Elise, haunts also hot districts of Paris, in which you “food”.

Approaching the th my such as childhood trauma, death pr e matur of a twin, the transmission of blood, the new Prince of the night puts in sc do painful questions, all the time contemporary and universal.

since the dawn of time, the Rougemont are cursed. A vampire as bloodthirsty as reducing r guarantor on behalf of Vladimir Kergan, d Crown a all members of this family, the continuing without rel che until their definitive d extinction.

Their offspring has devoted herself body and me a qu te unique: find and kill the vampire responsible for this strange evil diction that p is on their.

Whatsoever in the middle ages in the Paris of the ann Trento, the anguish remains the m es me face this timeless Monster. The Prince of night r from… and no it what!

We find Kergan in the pre-war Germany. Partnering with Nazi militia to increase its destructive power, he draws a ge machiav lique Vincent de Rougemont pi… M me nightmares the most delicious d come to an end, because here is d j the last volume of the second cycle of the saga!

But the s series will continue… The vampire Kergan is so alive or not, it is certain that it will continue to haunt your nights during very long…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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