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Greg 1979 3

A half hour ago I woke up from my nap, turned on the T.V. and there were two women talking about how “hot” and “sexy” Jesus was in his new movie ‘The Son of God’.

When I awoke this morning I worked on my first blog ‘God in a Pill’ that is about how I tried to save the world almost single handedly after dying on LSD. One of the biggest problems I encountered was my best friend’s girlfriend took away my virginity at twenty, and now I had the hots for women, and they had the hots for me.

When I met Rena at twenty-three, I had had sexual intercourse only about five times. I was inexperienced compared to her. When I got to East coast in 1970, that all changed. I had women up the Ying-Yang! Rena had lit my fire!

That I blogged on ‘The Wife of Jesus Genre’ yesterday, is uncanny!

Above is a pic of me taken at my wedding reception. I married a descendent of Erik the Red, and thus my sexy wife, Mary Ann Tharaldsen, is kin to Mary and Jesus via their daughter, Sarah, according to a new age blasphemy.

Most of the new images of Jesus have my eyebrows.

Jon the Nazarite


CNN anchor Carol Costello reported on Thursday that the film Son of God is attracting a lot of attention ahead of its nationwide release. She took issue with the actor who portrays Jesus in the film, noting that he is too “sexy” for her tastes. A CNN chyron observed that critics contend there is no historical indication that Jesus was “handsome.”
“Son of God is also generating a lot of heat because Jesus is, um, so sexy,” Costello noted. The CNN anchor wrote an opinion piece for CNN.com in which she asks why “Hot Jesus” must be portrayed by a “sexy” actor:
I’m not the only one gawking at [Diogo] Morgodo‘s Jesus. He inspired the hashtag, “#HotJesus”. It went viral on Twitter. The actor told The New York Times he doesn’t want his looks to distract from the movie, but, “If the message of Jesus was love, hope and compassion, and I can bring that to more people by being a more appealing Jesus, I am happy with that.”
Clearly we have a new trend. A “more appealing” Jesus is not just a better prophet, he’s … sexy.
“Must Jesus be sexy, too?” She asked.
“Through the years, Jesus has morphed from good looking to great looking to sexy,” the CNN anchor asked her priest guest. “Why is that?”
“I think it’s a natural trend,” Rev. James Martin replied. “We tend to like to look at pretty people on the screen.”
Both Martin and Costello noted that there is no indication that Jesus was as attractive as the actor who played him in Son of God.

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