Rena Delivers Kiss of Death

kiss of death poblenou barcelona 2

kiss of death poblenou barcelona 3

kiss of death poblenou barcelona 5


Rena Easton was my Deliverer who gave me ‘The Kiss of Death’ that grounded me completely back in the world after my experience with Death in 1967. This is very key in this story, for I had no fear od Death, until I fell in love with Beauty, and lost her. We are amongst the immortals like Orpheus and Eurydice.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Rena came thru the portals of time to deiver me The Kiss. Did this kiss say I am the one? Did she put her seal on my lips, she living proof I was deserved, that, I had achieved something! Look at our First Lady, Donald’s Trophy Wife. Who ever dreamed we would have such a thing, a super model in the White House, who says nothing about her husband declaring The Press ‘The Enemy of the People’ just because millions doubt who Trump is, he a proven liar.

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