The Montana Rose at Zabriskie Point

Rosemary 1939 on Horseback 1

Rosemary 1955 at Company Party 2

Rosemary 1955 at Company Party 4

Rosemary 1959 as Can Can Girl

Rosemary 1959 as Flappermelhal4



melpoint3One can say our family Muse has taken us down the red brick road in Montana and introduced us to neo-Nazi supremacists who are hell-bent on destroying the political party our kindred worked so hard to found. What did we ever do to them? We have our children and grandchildren to protect. As the head of my family, now that my brother has advocated and disappeared, I intend to do just that. Any questions?

We all like to think we are individualist entitled to our unique opinions, but, when a family is under attack by organized forces bent on our destruction, one has to gather as a unit, and hope a courageous leader step forth.

Here is the name on my late sister’s death certificate.


We have real important American history to protect, and real family values to preserve and promote for generations to come. If members of the NPI are arming themselves getting ready to fight for what they don’t own, and what they can’t promote, then don’t you think we should show some unity here.

I call Rena our family Muse because the Presco and Benton family are still doing creative things. Drew Benton is rendering her art at aunt Vicki’s house, and, I can’t wait to stretch a tall canvas and do a full body portrait of Rena. And, then there is Garth, Thomas, and Jessie Benton, who married Mel Lyman who founded a racist leftist cult from outer space, that led to making of Zabriskie Point, a movie about left-leaning radicals.

So, let us stop our quibbling. There is enough crazy-ass white culture to go around for those who belong. Just like Phil Roberston of Duck Dynasty I am the head of my families creative dynasty. Since Rowdy Rosemary Rosamond died, we have not elected a head of the family. Rosemary was our fearless leader. There was nothing she wouldn’t try, or do, not like Ms. East, the scardy-cat.

We were sailing along in a favorable breeze, when Ms. Easton had a major freak-out right after she agreed to be instated in our Muses Hall of Fame. We have spent way too much time on Rena. It is traditional that the women of the Rosamond Cult freak out. It’s be a tag-team freak out since I can remember.

Kara Bromily was Rosamond’s Tarot Card Reader. Her husband conducted the services at Rosamond’s funeral. Kara wrote the screenplay for the Rowdy Girls starring Julie Lynch who was the Muse for famous artists. Julie and Rean could have passed for sisters when Rena was young. Here is Khara Bromily telling Tom Snyder the Death card came up in Rosamond’s Tarot card reading a week before she drowned.

“Was there any indication to Khara in her vision, or the cards themselves, of
death or impending doom? Did Christine have any concerns in that regard?
My work is about health and forgiveness and self-worth. A death pronouncement
can work against all that. But, if you are asking if a Death card came up, then
the answer is yes?”

Now, as soon as I post this I am going to call a Detective in Montana in order to see if I can find out why Rena Easton freaked out when she read my letter. I think I know what spooked her, our rowdy redneck muse. I forgot she is not from the West Coast where we native get Tarot Card and Psychic Readings. Red-neck women feel safe at bull-riding events, big truck demolitions, wild kegger parties where young women go round peeing their pants while bubba’s fight over them. So, here is the culprit – I guess!

“Over a year ago I began a painting of you. One night after I lie down to go to sleep, you lie down next to me. You were seventeen again. I jumped out of bed. For a month you appear by my side as I walked. When I went to a movie, I was not quite alone. I told my friends I have a very friendly – and beautiful ghost.

“Do you think she is dead?” a friend dare ask.

I began a psychic search for you, to feel where you were. What had become of you? I wondered if you were held a prisoner of a abusive and crazy man who had to have you all to himself. I saw that you were in a very dark dungeon. I wanted to free you. I was heart broken when I could not. I have never known such emotions. I don’t know if anyone ever has. I had to stop working on your portrait.

I told my childhood sweetheart about your visits. We concluded you had a very abusive childhood, and were a prisoner of that abuse. Marilyn was abused by her father and we have helped each other break the bars to our cells.

To read that you were abused and scarred for life is a hand and a voice that comes across the chasm, and I embrace these dark truths with all my heart and soul.”

C’mon! Look at the scary crap Rena Easton is surrounded with in Montana! You got Meth-heads shooting themselves in the neck with a needle. You got Nazi Supermen in armed camps preparing for Doomsday! C’mon! This is great material for a reality show. I got tons of material in this blog. Any producer of a reality show is going to thank me for doing all the work.

We can’t allow Rena the Muse to hold up production. She’s freaked out long enough in her little trailer on the hill. Someone go slap a star on that trailer, because……….

“It’s show time!”


Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

The Rosamond family fought alongside the radical ‘Swamp Fox’ Francis Marion, in our Revolutionary War. John Fremont tops the list of Radical Republicans who did not take to Lincoln, and was the real force behind freeing slaves in the Land of the Free. Senator Thomas Hart Benton freed the Oregon Territory from British Rule. The settlers Benton encouraged to go West, carried with them the history of Francis Marion who drove the British out of the Northwest. There is a county named after Benton.

With the marriage of Christine Rosamond Presco, to Garth Benton, there are genealogical ties to Oregon’s core history. Add to this the woolen mill in Salem, then one beholds the birth of the Free Enterprise System in the West where Fremont and the Radical Republicans prepared a way for Free Blacks.

When you add the fact Anthony Hodges located, and did a genealogy of my ancestors in the South who fought for the Confederacy, then one beholds the core radical revolution and cultural battle that rages in our Democracy.

Above is a Kettle Creek monument showing that Samuel Roseman was an officer.

“Meanwhile Daria (Daria Halprin), “a sweet, pot-smoking post-teenybopper of decent inclinations,” is driving across the desert towards Phoenix in a 1950s era Buick automobile to meet her boss Lee, who may or may not also be her lover.”

When ‘Easy Rider’ came out, my kindred and friends said I look just like THE ACTOR, Dennis Hopper, who is some kind of hippie biker – only on film! Hopper marred THE ACTRESS, Daria Halprin, whose mother was a dancer and who runs a dance healing clinic called ‘Tamalpa Life/Art’ which may be near Mount Tamalpais where I camped with Rena – all alone. There was not one famous director to be seen. We took no direction. Rena’s beauty was not captured and put in a can. I got a real good close-up of her about sixteen hours a day. I can’t complain – really!

Daria starred in A MOVIE about radical hippies in revolt, called ‘Zabriskie Point’. It was an utter failure. I am an original hippie, who along with my hippie friends, did not go see this movie, because, it is a case of Art Imitating Life. We had no interest in paying money to go see FAKE PAID HIPSTERS imitating us, and, speak for us. We spent our extra money on drugs so we could alter our mind, get turned on – and have sex!

The other star of Zabriskie Point was a Mel Lyman devotee. Mark Frechette held up a bank with another Lyman Family member after he made his movie. He had real-life interests. Mel Lyman is my kindred who created a network of MUSicians, Actors, and Artists. He is in my family tree. He married Jessie Benton, a cousin of my ex-brother-in-law, Garth Benton who acted in movies, as did his first wife, Alli McBride.

If Rena had married me, then she would be kin to Mel Lyman, too. Rena was not an actress, but a young woman who experimented with drugs, went on a Road Trip to L.A. from Nebraska, then took another trip with me and two other hippies to Winnemucca in a 1950 Dodge. I flipped out in a town in the desert. What is going on out in the Mohave Desert while the cameras are rolling, went on between Rena and I in the wilds of California. We were – THE REAL DEAL!

Mel Lyman was kin to Philip Boileau whose women look like Darian, and my later Sister, Christine Rosamond Benton. This is quite a grouping of creative people, smitten by their Muse.

Most human being have come to believe nothing is real if it is not in the movies or on T.V. This is safe for them. They want real life filtered and scanned for any real danger, and any real sex. They also want money to empower them.

“Frechette was paid sixty thousand dollars for his work. He and Halprin took their cache of earnings to Fort Hill where it was turned over in full to The Lyman Family.”

Now, back to our very real home invasion in Roxbury that happened just down the street from Lyman Commune.

Jon Presco

Tom Snyder and the Rowdy Girls

I just discovered that Khara Bromily, who gave Christine a Tarot Card reading,
co-authored two movie scripts ‘The Rowdy Girls’ and ‘The Chosen One: Legend of
the Raven’ starring Julie Strain who looks like Rena on steroids. Strain has
been titled “Queen of the B-movies” and “Queen of All Media “. One can say that
Julie Strain is the inner Rosamond. I hereby crown Christine Rosamond ‘Queen of
B Artists’. We lived in Concord where Strain was born.

Here is Khara Bromily telling Tom Snyder the Death card came up in Rosamond’s
Tarot card reading a week before she drowned.

“Was there any indication to Khara in her vision, or the cards themselves, of
death or impending doom? Did Christine have any concerns in that regard?
My work is about health and forgiveness and self-worth. A death pronouncement
can work against all that. But, if you are asking if a Death card came up, then
the answer is yes?”

Here is the Genesis of the Rosamond Cult. Tom Snyder is suggesting there were
supernatural forces at play in regards to the death of a World Famous B Artist.
Working in tandum, it is obvious Tom Snyder and Khara are interested in
immortalizing Christine so they can enhance their careers as authors. Hugh
Bromily conducted the funeral services. Is Christine ‘The One’ who would give
rise to a new generation of Super Women who would defeat the Poisoned Male
Pedigogy and restore Lillith to her rightful throne?

Tom Snyder smears my family, tells the world that those in Rosamond’s home after
the funeral looted the place! Of course we looted the place, the Rosamond Women
are the original Rowdy Women, the daughters of a real cowboy and Ozark
Hillbilly. Consider ‘The Beverely Hillbillies’. Looting the home of your dead
kin is traditional in the Ozarks! What the fuck does that outsider know. He
should be horse-whipped! Tom Snyder doesn’t even cut it as a B Author! He is a D
Author who wrote a wimpy manual on how to avoid getting hooked up with a famous
manic depressive female artist. Ah! He’s no fun!

“Oh it was just awful.” Lillian recalls. ‘Rosemary was shouting that Shannon was
late, ‘and ought to have her butt kicked.’ I don’t know all what she said after
that but she had her silver flask with her and it was getting rough.”

Of course Rosemary had her silver flask, all the Rosamond Women carry a
silverflask containing a magic potion to ward off rival Succubuses.

Above we see a photo of Rosemary at the Rucker office party being led around the
room by her beads, she dressed like a Flapper, a Hooker for the Mob. If you put
Carmen Electra, and Julie Strain in a ring with seventy year old Rosemary in a
walker, it would be ruled a No Contest! Rosemary chased Vic out of our home
after stabbing him between the eyes with a knife. He never to returned. He would
accuse me of helping Rosemary bannish him, but, Rosemary didn’t need any help.
Vic was a fucking coward who mentally tortured children.

“I felt responsible to continue,” Saint Pierrot says.”She taught me everything,
and I loved her. Her family was understandably in chaos. I couldn’t let all she
worked for drift away”

Chaos: 1. confusion, or confused mass, of formless matter and infinite space,
supposed to have existed before the ordered universe.

“Hugh Bromily, Khara’s husband and Episcopal priest, conducted the service with
taste and dignity. Raphael spoke, along with Karin: two friends from childhood.
The rest was, given those involved, what one might expect. Vic was cornering
whatever woman he could; Rosemary came in drunk, lost in her story that she was
the only seventeen-year-old to turn down Errol Flynn’s advance.”Oh it was just
awful.” Lillian recalls. ‘Rosemary was shouting that Shannon was late, ‘and
ought to have her butt kicked.’ I don’t know all what she said after that but
she had her silver flask with her and it was getting rough.”

“Before the service, Vicki had taken the trouble to go through Christine’s
bedroom, putting her jewelry and intimate belongings out of sight. As matters
turned out, it did little good, for the funeral was not long over before family
members and others were ravaging Christine’s house, taking whatever could be
carted away. The artist’scloset, a veritable mother lode – took the worst
beating. World-class spender that Christine had been, much of the clothing had
never been worn. So whatever still bore price tags was hauled off to be
exchanged for money. Jewelry disappeared, as well as other personal belongings.
Gallery employees and close friends of the family, along with Vicki, were doing
their best to staunch the flow – the estate had not yet been inventoried – but
to no avail.”

Here are the Rowdy Women that were in Christine’s home after the funeral. Too
bad Christine was not alive to enjoy the Rosy Chaos!
Garth and Drew Benton did not attend the funeral or reception of Rowdy Rosamond,
Royal’s granddaughter. The vespian, Garth Benton could have sent in his ex-wife,
the actress Harlee McBride, or her daughters, to make sure Drew was left her
fair share of the Rosy Scrum. I believe there was talk of making a movie two
days before the funeral at the meeting I was kept away from. They needed all the
B (for Benton) Actors in on this as they could get. Tom Snyder tells the world
about the fist fight Christine had with Jessica Benton.

Father, with Harlee McBride, of Jessica Erin Benton and Shannon Bree Benton…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Just talked to Peter Shapiro on the phone, he calling me from West Virginia. In this blog I talked about doing a reality show, which is a REAL possibility now that Pynchon’s faux-hippie movie is coming out. Pynchon is in Rosemary’s tree. In her home movie you see Camereo hospital for the insane that Rosemary said she had a scholarship to.

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