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teaparty44When a ex-dance partner of Rena’s called me back to get the url of this blog, again, after I gave it to her in my first call, I was 80% sure Rena asked for it. That was August. When months went by, and I had not heard from Rena Easton, I was worried she had read my controversial posts where I tear into the evangelicals and declare myself a Savior of sorts. I did make contact with Rena’s minister in August also. Rena was a member of a church.

Rena admonishes me for not treating Red-necks like human being which is the fake complaint most Tea Party Evangelicals invented in order to steal the fire from the Civil Rights Movement – with Ural Rights! Rena says in here letter;

“I see you are left-leaning. Please do not in your urban world….”

This is the only time she speaks of me in first person. She is implying ownership of a lifestyle that holds her and her and her kind in a poor light. If she is a Christian Addict, she could be defending her faith. If she is a Tea Party Addict, she is defending the Republican party. If she is both, then she is on a Mission from God, and more than likely a member of the God Squad.

Why is a Deputy sheriff making a out of state call at 8:00 P.M.? You would think a Detective would be doing this. I do not know where Rena lives. How could she feel unsafe? Rena wrote me a letter on Christmas Day. Why? Was she trying to get me to change my ways before her Cult Members stepped in? If her Jesus-Cult did not like one of their Ural citizens getting all this attention, then their plan would be to get Rena’s name out of my blog. Dan Mayland began to verbally attack my blog, and mentioned the word “attorney”. There better be a police report filed against me for stalking.

Getting religion is responsible for folks changing their minds in a real hurry. One day they are normal, and the next day they are doing inexsplicable things. I forgot to add this to my reality check;

4. Is addiction to religion involved?

The Meth Boon report said folks in Montana take meth because they are real bored. How many find Jesus for the same reason? Rena says she is bored, but has a few friends. Are they members of her church? How about her boss, did she bring her to Christ?

In 1971 I began a novel about Rena called ‘Golden Girls of the Corn Cob’. Home from college Rena goes swimming in the Platte, and when she emerges from the water she is seen by an all female cult, who see her as the Woman Christ. They abduct her and take her to their hideaway. I and my friend set out to rescue her. The Mary Magdalene Cult was fifteen years in the future. I am a Prophet.

I hereby order all fake Rednecks to never use the name Rednecks, because it applies to my family. Get out of the Republican party, founded by my kindred.

There is nothing going on in Bozeman. All of a sudden Rena gets a letter from a guy who is writing a book – and our little Ms. Janitor is going to be in it. The first thing Rena’s God Squad is going to ask, is;

“Is he one of us?!! Oh sqqqqqueeeee! I pray he is, or, I can’t allow our beloved Rena to get involved.”

What this is, is, a addict getting a vicarious fix via the very limited and fixed guidelines set by Jesus-speak. So all the Do-gooders get on their computers and check out my blog and lay the Jesus-graph over it to see if the points of the Holy Cross line up.


Not only am I not one of them – I am the Anti-Christ! A exorcists is called in to try to snatch Rena’s soul back from Satan. But how?

“Oh my Lord Jesus. Rena has to make contact with the forces of evil in order to get the name God gave her away from the anti-Christ!”

“Are you telling me, Rena is……SATAN’S MUSE!”


Someday this will be a Play Station game. I wonder if my blog ‘Waiting For Artaud’ was proof that I was sending forces of evil against Bozeman and the blessed Humble Salt of the Earth Janitor of God?

And, so the Jealous Ones of Jesus have shot down the one shot the “abusive girl” had. Back to the Salt of the Earth mine! Rena wrote that apology knowing her elders of the church had read that, and they put the screw on Rena to repent and retract her sins. Now, if they can just trick Satan-Man to retract employing cunning and guile, the very tools of Satan – because that’s fair! Abusing folks in the name of religion – is huge!

“Say it!”

“I was not his girlfriend!”


“I was not his girlfriend! Please stop. You’re scaring me!”

Below is the police blotter for Bozeman the day Dan gave me a jungle. There is nothing going down. The God Squad is chomping on the bit. They need a real big sinner so they can launch The Vex of Jesus on him or her. The citizens of Bozeman are real spooked.

“A person teaching someone how to drive a manual transmission wanted to know if he could use the fairgrounds parking lot to do it.”

“I think we are going to have to outsource!”
“What about that Easton woman who claims she is being stalked by some dude in Oregon?”

And, so it goes…………all winter long!

Jon Presco

The following Letter to the Editor was published in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle on Sunday, November 17, 2013–
In light of recent irresponsible comments about the Tea Party, I thought I’d take a moment to explain who we are.
 We are salt-of-the-earth, hard-working Americans who have pride in and love our country. We are a generous people, who quietly give to those that need a hand up. We treat one another with respect and dignity and believe we are all created equal.Top of Form
Many are business owners who are truly concerned about how they will be able to stay in business and provide good-paying jobs and health insurance for their employees. With Obamacare, the EPA and the many other regulations coming from the government that are being forced upon us, the costs are simply too much.
We feel it is our duty to stand up and protect the freedoms and pass on the same opportunities to the generations that follow. We don’t want to leave our children and grandchildren with an unsustainable debt. It is immoral and puts their future in grave danger.
We are for all Americans to be given the opportunity to succeed in life; we are for a free-market healthcare system that is affordable and provide for those that were falling through the cracks. We are for being good stewards of our land while taking advantage of the vast energy resources. We are for protecting our Constitution.
We realize that the people who want to control every aspect of our lives and want us to see our soul and livelihood for small handouts from the governmentwill attack us and make us out to be the enemy and something we are not.  The thrugh will eventually shine through. k We are the backbone of a free and prosperous society.
 Debbie Moran
– See more at:

Police Reports for Jan. 27, 2014



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Posted: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 12:15 am

Chronicle Staff

The Bozeman Police Department reports for Monday included the following:
•A caller reported that he gave a beer to an intoxicated man who came into his house at 12:05 a.m. When officers arrived, the intoxicated man was bleeding from a wound on his arm and could not give his address. He was taken to the hospital.
•A caller said his brother was assaulted in a Main Street bar at 12:40 a.m.
•An officer tried to find a horse that was walking in the Meadow Creek subdivision at 6:20 a.m. He briefly saw the horse in the east end of the subdivision but was ultimately unable to locate the animal.
•A window was found broken out of a Babcock Street building. There was also graffiti on a power box in the alley behind the building.
•A man found a pair of skis and a mailbox in his Ninth Avenue yard.
•A caller had questions about homeless people having dogs. The caller was informed that homeless people have the same animal requirements as anyone else and that it’s legal for them to have animals as long as they are following state and municipal regulations.
•A fake $20 bill was found at a Main Street bank.
•A person teaching someone how to drive a manual transmission wanted to know if he could use the fairgrounds parking lot to do it.
•Officers warned three men for yelling and cursing at each other.
•A 19-year-old Home Depot employee was cited after taking gift cards from the store on four different occasions.
•A dog owner was cited after his dogs were chasing a bicyclist on Seventh Avenue.
•Officers responded to 132 calls.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office reports for Monday included the following:

•A deputy spoke to a mom who was concerned that her son was being bullied in jail. The deputy spoke to the sergeant and other detention officers who said he wasn’t being bullied but that they would monitor the situation.
•A caller had questions about the age limits for working at strip clubs.
•A caller wanted to report “suspicious” activity at a 17th Avenue home. The caller also wanted to report that neighbors yell at each other and talk about needles.
•A man who owed $5,000 to Big Sky Resort for charges to his room was seen getting off of a ski lift.
•Deputies responded to 125 calls.

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