Elite White Species of Intellects




aarena22“MSNBC reported that Andrews voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 US Presidential Election in order, he said, to help destroy the Republican Party so that it can be reborn into a party that will support the “interests of white people”.
“destroy the Republican Party so that it can be reborn into a party that will support the “interests of white people”
“destroy the Republican Party so that it can be reborn into a party that will support the “interests of white people”
I suspect those people I saw in the house with Rena were members of the NPI who are gathering the best of White History in Montana in order to save the White Species. If Rena has been reading my blog since August, then they might have been also – and they are amazed! For this blog is the Mecca for European White Culture. I got it all right here. My blog is the Motherload for the new Fatherland.

For a few days they thought Rena had found ‘The Chosen One’ but, to their dismay, they discovered I was once ONE OF THEM but had an epiphany, and to their horror they saw I was their mortal enemy armed with ten times the knowledge they own! I am their greatest threat because I am kin to the founders of the Republican Party that they want to destroy and turn it into a White Super Race Party that will spawn of New Race of White Children

If my Muse could only convert me, make me what I was, then I would be their Moses. They would take me to their End of the World Cave and have me teach the New White Species. My love of my Muse, could be turned into – the Love of the White Race. Rena is there Tokyo Rose. This is why she wrote ‘Rosemond’ on the envelope. It was their Trojan Horse!

When they read the letter I sent Rena, they were shocked that I didn’t adrres her Red-Neck declarations. They hadn’t counted on me being in love with the eighteen year old beauty who was a Left-handed Hippie-like creature – whose cold racist heart has been stirred by the Love I send her way!

The question is this, can I save Rena from the NPI, or, is she the head of the NPI, their Mastermind sworn to destroy me? I mean anyone who can memorize a million poems – is not of this world. If only we were young again – we could have children.

I hereby call upon Left-leaning women in Montana to come join the New Jessie Scouts so that we can sweep down from the mountains and drive the NPI back to Georgia – and into the sea!

There’s a good chance the NPI has taken this blog, cleansed it of its non-Red-Neck material, and stored it in their computer. I bid my loyal readers store the contents of this blog so it can be restored if they succeed in destroying it, for this is the Tabernacle of Hope.

The greatest Cultural Civil War this nation has ever known, is on. Stay tuned folks for the mind-battle between an Artist, and his good Muse – gone bad!

I have to confess I made a huge mistake. I kissed Rena’s letter several times. I thought I was awakening Sleeping Beauty, but, I have awoken the Gorgon, and the Beast of Beowulf. I have unleashed our Doom when I followed my heart. Forgive me!

I copyright any video games made from this battle.

Jon Presco

Yet another organization with a white supremacist agenda — this one packaged as a “white nationalist think tank” — has moved its operations to northwestern Montana, leaving Georgia to join a rag-tag collection of some of the country’s leading racists and extremists.
The National Policy Institute (NPI), which enjoys tax-exempt status, now lists a post office box in Whitefish, Mont., where, public records show, its new director Richard Bertroud Spencer lives in a $3 million home. Spencer moved NPI to Montana after the late 2011 death of chairman Louis R. Andrews, documents filed with the Internal Revenue Service reveal.
On those documents filed annually with the IRS, the white nationalist institute lists thousands of dollars in expenses for a conference, a book, an educational video and a website — all devoted to “subjects of the U.S. and international social and scientific issues.”

NPI was founded in 2005 by William Regnery II.[1] Until 2010, NPI’s chairman was Louis R. Andrews. Andrews died in late 2011 and was replaced by Richard B. Spencer, who had been acting Director at the end of Andrews’s life. NPI had been based in Augusta, Georgia, but migrated to Montana, with the change in leadership.
The Institute’s authors have produced a series of reports on affirmative action, race and conservatism, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and at least one annual report, entitled The State of White America-2007.
MSNBC reported that Andrews voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 US Presidential Election in order, he said, to help destroy the Republican Party so that it can be reborn into a party that will support the “interests of white people”.[2]
In September 2011, NPI hosted its first national conference, entitled “Towards a New Nationalism.” Speakers included Richard B. Spencer, Keith Preston, Byron Roth, Alex Kurtagic, Tomislav Sunic, Jared Taylor and his associate Sam Dickson.
The Institute is reported to have received a grant from the Pioneer Fund.[3]
Condemned by SPLC as a white supremacy organization[edit]

On April 8, 2008, the SPLC’s Mark Potok[4] condemned the National Policy Institute as a “white supremacist” organization, and wrote that its report, The State of White America-2007, “paints ‘a statistical and narrative portrait of the war on white America,’ in the website’s words. Nicholas Stix’s introduction [5] to the article describes the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education ruling outlawing school segregation as ‘arguably the worse [sic] decision in the Court’s 216 year history.’ He claims later civil rights legislation was unconstitutional. ‘[I]ntegration and the civil rights movement led directly to the destruction of great cities,’ he concludes.”


If you want to learn about the clusters of Aryan, White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi groups in Montana, take a look at the Hate Map on the SPLC website. Add to them a significant number of Freemen, Militia groups, and Sovereign Citizens followers and you will have a pretty clear but underestimated picture of what’s happened in Western Montana. Like-minded paranoid, conspiracy believers cling in loose woven relationships and tightly warped minds.

I’m not sure that I understand why this group is attracted to Montana…”
I think the answer is fairly simple. When they first started coming to Montana and Idaho and nearby states, they were coming to very rural areas where there might be miles and miles between houses, and no worry about having to live near a “non-white”.
But also, the very rural aspect makes it easier for them to set up their indoctrination camps. What better places than heavily wooded areas often accessible by only one road (if any). While there certainly are still wooded areas in Georgia, they are often much closer to big cities.
Oh, and it’s very simple to see that Montana is in no way part of the PACIFIC Northwest. Would you call Ohio part of the Atlantic Midwest? Ohio is much closer to the Atlantic than Montana is to the Pacific.



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