Driving Ms. Sleeping Beauty


sleeping_beautyI have found the solution for my novel ‘Capturing Beauty’. I’m going to pretend everyone in my book is just sleeping. No one is dead, because most people I know can’t handle death, or, the truth, or, life. They also can’t handle being drunks, drug addicts, mentally ill, incestuous, and dysfunctional. So, in my book I am just going to talk about people’s finest qualities. If they want to appear perfect in every way. Fine!

I believe I found the perfect vehicle, or McGuffin for my story. I’m going to be this secret seeker of the Grail that drives around in a 1950 Dodge Coronet like the one I drove you-know-how around in that summer of 1970. I will pick folks up in my past and ask them where they are going, and where they have been. They have to sit up front with me, because the Sleeping Beauty Princess is asleep in the back.

This will be like Cash Cab where I ask my people questions, but, not because I am sticking my nose in their business where it doesn’t belong. They will actually win Cash & Prizes for their answers. I’ll have a big grab-bag in the trunk, and when the ride is over, they will reach in there and see how lucky they are. Folks like to believe they are lucky. When folks believe thy are lucky, they relax, curl up and take a long nap.

Jon Presco



Above is an illustration from ‘Eliduc and Guilliadun’ by Marie of France. ‘Guildeluec Reviving Guilliadun’, may be the inspiration of Grimm’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ who he named Rosamond. This led me to suspect that Marie of France is Joan Clifford, who was the paramour of King Henry de Anjou, Fair Rosamond.

For the last two days I have been searching the web for any connection between Marie of France, Fair Rosamond, and sleeping Beauty. In ‘Eliduc and Guilliadun’ there is a sleeping maiden who is revived by a red flower retrieved from the mouth of a weasel who found it in a deep forest. This is a resurrection from a death-like sleep, a coma, via a red flower that represents the blood of Christ.
In Marie’s ‘The Lay Of Yonec’ there is a beauty captured in a tower visited by a prince who changes into a hawk. The jealous husband puts barbs of steel around the window, that like the thorns of a rose, mortally wound the hawk-prince. Beauty follows the drops of her lovers red blood into a maze, a bower, replicating the legend of Fair Rosamond who was found in a labyrinth by a jealous queen via a red thread. Marie was a Arthurian Author who was influenced by Wace whose Roman de Rou is a Grail Legend.






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