Royal Kingdom In Attic





After my second visit to my daughter in Sonoma, Patrice said this as I boarded the bus for home;

“Your father’s going to abandon you just like Randy did!”

The door to the bus, shut. I was in shock. Patrice and I were engaged to be married. After she told me she was going to stay and fulfill her obligations to the Scientolgists, we had a fight. Heather was not living with her mother, but with big honchos in Scientology. I told Patrice it was time that Heather and I live together, if just for two years, until she turns eighteen, and is an adult. I suspected Patrice was keeping Tom Snyder covertly informed of how our miracle was going, and now wanted to get on the Good Ship Lolly-pop before it’s too late!

A letter I sent Heather was returned. I had not way to contact my minor daughter which is against the law. Heather and her boyfriend had formed a bond with Vicki and my nephew who lied about Christine’s death. Vicki filed an Affidavit after my niece Shannon was arrested for returning her mother’s clothes she and Vicki split between them. Tyler Hunt got my daughter pregnant, and refused to marry her. He didn’t want my grandchild. Snyder’s biography is the worse biography ever written, and did not sell. He knew nothing about Royal Rosamond – or any of our amazing family history.

Inside that returned letter were photos of the cabin I found for us on the McKenzie River. I found Patrice a job as a school teacher where our kindred went to school.

Above is an article about my late grandfather whom I never met. He is a gifted writer and poet. Folks who study genetics have concluded talented people get their gifts handed down to them by a gifted parent or grandparent.

I designed the house you see for Rena and her husband who is a poor cattle rancher and farmer. I am going to write Rena a letter and see if she will help me finish my book, that, alas I want to make some money off, so this house can be built. This is what my grandfather would want me to do, because he ranched and farmed in Montana, and, Rena’s husband is in poor health, and my not be able to work his dream any longer! I can find no one more deserving person to be my Hier, than my Muse, who inspired me and my sister Christine.

Royal talks about his forty acres on the Buffalo River in Arkansas where he wants to build a camp for writers, hunters, and fishermen. I believe the house mentioned is on the cover of his good friend, Otto Rayburn’s magazine ‘Arcadian Life’. In a letter, Otto asks Royal if he knows any Californian Poets who would want to contribute to the Arcadian, a name that denotes a simple rural lifestyle like the one my Muse enjoys with her husband. I will be sending this, and other letters to a museum.

I am the loyal son Royal wanted. I never abandoned him – this rosy foundling!

Royal Reuben Rosamond was in love with his Muse. His wife bid him to abandon his Muse, or never see his beautiful daughters again. Of course Royal thought this a very unfair offer, because Mary Magdalene Rosamond – knew he would turn it down!

When it comes to our Muse, most gifted folks – don’t have a price!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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