All Winter Long by Rena Easton

renap0003Marilyn Reed called me about 5:00 P.M. and told me this was the last Jazz & Poetry Night at the Granary. After three years, it was time for the Muse of Poetry and Jazz, to seek another abode. Many hearts did she warm. Many bright words came from starry beings.

I had little time to prepare. I wanted to bring my blow-up of Rena’s photo that she gave me in 1970 when she was 18. I had brought my muse here before in order to read my poem I wrote about her. Now that we were exchanging words, I wanted to read her poem while the audience beheld her beauty.

While reading ‘All Winter Long’ I wished there was a young woman who would read Rena’s poem. All of a sudden, Marilyn’s daughter walked in and sat next to me. I have known Nisha since 1987 when she was four years old. She was my surrogate daughter before my daughter came into my life. Marilyn was my first girlfriend. She has memories of all members of my family, and I hold memories of her family.

Marilyn read a poem, and then sang the words while her husband’s Jazz band backed her up. Nisha missed this. She had never read a poem in public. She played Cello at the Universtity of Oregon and performs Asian Music all over town.

After reading Rena’s poem, twice, her step-father called us up to read. After reading it once, Nisha started to read it again, but then, she began to sing. She never sings, least on stage. Her voice became an instrument. It was spell binding because Nisha’s muse took hold of her, and, Rena at eighteen years old, came into the room. There was magic and light in the room. I now own the end of my autobiography. I am with those who love the Muse.

There is nothing more I expect of Rena Victoria Easton. We have been embraced. We are made complete with the sharing of our love, our soul, and our story. This video is a true miracle.

In her letter Rena says “I have a million poems memorized.” that she recites while she works. So, for now the Muse will be broadcasting sonnets from KMUS Bozeman Montana while accompanied by – vacuum cleaner?

Jon Presco


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    When I had Niesha, my surrogate daughter of Norse blood, read Rena’s poem, there was no holding her back, the Kraken. As a profound conincidence, Niesha was asked to revive the Gamelan group that Belle’ mother founded. What are the odds! Then there is the poem that Belle wrote me that discussed the Bermuda Triangle where the Great Kraken dwell. This is why I was so hard on Belle and demanded a rewrite. I wanted her to look at why she was not the same when she awoke that morning. Rena is a good poet. What became of her friends?

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