“What do they think of us?”

Monte Rio Beach




monter5As my muse and I lie down on the beach at Monte Rio, not but a mile away are Satanic rituals taking place at the Bohemian Grove, a place carved out of the wilderness by members of the Bohemian Club, whose members were Artists and Writers. Then, the Rich & Powerful moved in.

As I held Rena in my arms, and as we gazed up at the Milky Way, below us were the screams of human sacrifice preparing the way for the Anti-Christ. How naïve and innocent we were.

Hark, is that the ranting and waving Antonin Artaud I hear. Is he introducing his Theatre of Cruelty to the Illuminati? Oh – those weird French People! What do they really think of us – the salt of the earth!

George Sterling was a co-founder of the Bohemian scene in Carmel where many members of the Bohemian Club found sanctuary from urban life. Wondering what people think of us caused our primate brains to spin out of control. To not wonder what people think of you – is bliss! Rather than discard this wonderment, Rena won the wonderment. When folks beheld her they asked;

“What has God wrought?”

Rena has never revealed what she has thought about anyone.

Jon Presco

Here, Arnold is photographing George Sterling, Mary Austin, Jack London and Jimmie Hooper on the beach at Carmel. The date is sometime after 1896.

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    I am bid to take Belle to Bohemian Grove of the mind, for reasons she is connected.

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