An Old Post

highsc2Tonight, The Tea Party Express, will be having a televised debate. For the most part, the Tea Party is the latest cult to come down the turnpike in order to save America. Most tea party members, are Jesus Freaks disguised at capitalistic Patriots, verses, Leftist anti capitalist Hippy Socialist who want America to be a Communal Welfare State modeled after the old fashioned Jesus, before he was remodeled by Dick Armey to be the second coming of Howard Roarke, who rapes his love-object who is playing female sex games in order to own power in Industrial America, the land of Rich He-men. So much for the Woman’s Movement. It’s back to old fashioned values where women wore Quaker dresses, like the ones worn at the Lighthouse Ranch, where Dottie Witherspoon took our Blue Tick hound dog, when she ran away to find Jesus.

Thanks Dottie! This is how I am treated after – I SAVED YOU?

I met Dottie through my friend, Michelle, who I met a year earlier. She was a member of The Process. She wore a long black robe with a hood. Her younger friend wore a blue cape, because she was a novice. I fell for the novice, and we became lovers. I would later rescue Michelle from a Mafia chief. But, lets save that story for another day.

Dottie was Michelle’s naive roommate, who had come to Boston from South Carolina. Michelle was concerned for Dottie because she was going to move back to New Orleans, and she was a babe in the woods. On cue, into Dottie’s apartment comes Devil Boy, a weasel like entity that had taken acid and was proud of his witchy powers he had discovered within. To prove to me he had the right stuff, he points his finger at Dottie’s cat, and shot it with a jolt of bad energy. The cat thought she was going to be petted, approached, purring, and now winces after being dosed with bad energy. I was not impressed.

“You’re a little shit, aren’t you? How would you feel if I did that to you?”

I watched Devil Boy wince, he looking in my eyes wondering why I was not afraid of his black magic. We had our Clint Eastwood moment, and he left, never to return. I moved in and became Dotties lover. The cat fell in love with me, and followed me like a little puppy when we went to the park. That’s us up in a tree.

Above is a photo of Girmson the head of the Process, and Mel Lyman wearing shades. Mel married Jessie Benton the daughter of the famous artist, Thomas Hart Benton, Garth Benton’s cousin. The children in the tree are Mel’s children, some born from Benton’s womb. Thanks to my genealogical research, these folks are kin to the Royal Stewarts. Mel claimed he is God, an Avatar, thus, God is my kinfolk.

I watched allot of 911 programs yesterday, everyone of them declaring “America will never be the same.”

They said the same thing about the Charlie Manson murders, and the Jim Jones Jesus cult suicides. Then there is David Koresh and Waco. What these folks have in common is the hatred of Government. Jone’s generals murdered Congressman Ryan, shot him dead with a rifle. Then Reverand Jim brought out the big vats of poisoned Cool-aid. Today, weak willed folks are woofing down that Tea Bag Espresso and carrying guns to rallies. Yeehaw!

Nope! It’s the same ol America, full of religious nuts fleeing real civilization because for the most part, they are insane! Osama Bin Laden was a religious fanatic trained by the U.S. Government to bring down the Evil Empire of Socialist Communalism. When the CIA betrayed him, Bin went after Anne Rand’s hero high atop the Trade Tower. The rest is common American History!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2011

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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