“Where are the grownups?’


Tom Graves, Ted Cruz, Matt SalmonWhere are the grownups asks this editorial in the Boston Globe.




As this latest bout of budgetary brinksmanship besets Washington, this question occurs. Or rather, recurs: Where have all the GOP grown-ups gone?
The GOP used to style itself the adult party. Is there really no congressional leader of sufficient stature and seriousness to tell Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and their band of Tea Party ideologues that the time has come to cease and desist?
It’s abundantly clear that the GOP establishment, from Karl Rove to the US Chamber of Commerce, feels that way. Former Republican Chairman Haley Barbour, who once served as political director for the Gipper, outlined the political realities in a recent interview with Post TV.
“When you control the House, the Democrats control the Senate and the White House, you can’t exactly cram your stuff down their throat,” he noted.

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