Drunk on Bullshit

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comstock7Ted Cruz and Bill Cornwell are bull-shitters. Bill is a loud mouthed drunk who came into my daughter’s life and took over. Heather Hanson told me her drunken lover will not answer for his disabled mother confined to a wheelchair because she is a “parasite” on society.

Knowing my daughter and grandson, Tyler Hunt, for two months Bill had all the answers. To a family that suffers from alcoholism, his command was to get crazy-drunk and ignore the dude that goes to AA. Bill’s father is a Texas drunk ex-military cop Tea Party Scum-bag who had requirements if she was going to be a part of his son’s life. This led to Heather calling me a “parasite” a title Bill seconded. Heather also told me I was anti-Patriot because I did not go to Vietnam and serve my country in the military.

“Did Bill serve?” I asked, her drunken lover forty years of age.
“No! But, as least he wanted to!”

I should have asked Heather if she served.

I took the photos of my grandson surrounded by drunks off Facebook that closed Heather and Bill’s account down. When drunks don’t get their way they want to fight.

Jon Presco

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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