Selling My Nazarites Like Whores






markpiunk3I got thrown off several yahoogroups for pointing out Mark Pinkham was selling fraudulent Healing courses, and mystic Templar journeys. I think his buddy, Sir Andrew Sinclair got me thrown out of one group, and Ian Sinclair out of another. They were using these open forums to recruit people into their bogus orders where they are bid to use pay-pal to purchase unreal stuff.

What was real was the study I began on the Nazarite in 1989. Pinkham claims John the Baptist the “Nazarite for life” founded a lineage that would include Mary Magdalene and Jesus, then all the Knight Templars.

I became concerned that this fakes were going to sell my study as the Secret within the Secret after they have collected the checks from their SUCKERS!

These folks all know each other, and it looks like they had some infighting in their bogus orders over the ‘Ruby Line Slipper’. They agreed to harass their distracters who may drive away their suckers. This is a Carny Act – a Freak Show!

Jon Presco

Listen to this radio show.

Sir Andrew Sinclair, receiving the accolade of a Scottish Knight Templar, Rosslyn Chapel, Dec 2004, is a Knight Grand Cross in the Scottish Knight Templars, of which the International Order of Gnostic Templars is a division. Sir Andrew supports the work of the Gnostic Templars. A member of Clan Sinclair and one of the driving forces in the Clan today, he has written prolifically about the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail, and the “Holy Grail” of the Sinclairs – Rosslyn Chapel. His books include: The Sword and the Grail, Rosslyn: The Story of Rosslyn Chapel and the True Story Behind the Da Vinci Cod. His forthcoming The Grail: The Quest for a Legend will be available in early 2007. Sir Andrew has been featured on many international documentaries about the Holy Grail, including ABC’s News Production of Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci. The excavation of the crypt in Rosslyn Chapel in the 1990s that he oversaw was the first of its kind since the crypt was sealed hundreds of years ago.

The Gnostic Knight Templar lineage of the IOGT originated two thousand years ago with John the Baptist, founder of the Johannite lineage of Gnostic Grand Masters in the West. The Grand Masters of this gnostic line were all given the title of John, which denoted “He of Gnostic Power and Wisdom.”
John the Baptist passed the lineage to Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus Christ), who as John II passed it to his two closest disciples, Mary Magdalene and John the Divine, who subsequently assumed the title of John III. Following John the Divine the lineage of Johannite Grand Masters passed down a centuries-long lineage of Johns until the time of the First Crusade, when the presiding Grand Master became Theoclete, John LXX. In 1118 CE Theoclete passed the Grand Mastership of the Johannites to the first Grand Master of the Knights Templars, Hughes de Payen, who then became known as John LXXI in the gnostic line. From that time onwards the Knights Templars were the official representatives of the Johannite tradition and all their Grand Masters were simultaneously Grand Masters of the Johannite lineage.

Sir Mark received the highest accolade of Grand Prior of the IOGT
from Sir Ian Sinclair, Grand Prior of the Scottish Knight Templars,
at the Prince Henry St. Clair Preceptory at Noss Head, Scotland in July 2005.

The monthly lessons give detailed information regarding both diagnosis treatment of  disease using a variety of modalities, including color and sound, crystals and gems, Reiki, herbs, acupressure, yoga, alchemy, shamanic tools and rites, and other therapeutic approaches from Peru, China, and India, the homelands of Seven Ray Healing.

Early Registration Discount!
$195.00 (If paid in full by October 19th)
 $225.00 after October 19th

To Register:
Mail your check payable to “Heartlight Fellowship”
Mail to: Heartlight FellowshipP.O. Box 3591 Sedona, AZ 86340
 Or pay at into the account of

After Your 7 Rays of Healing Seminar
Stay on in Sedona for a
Half-day Sedona Vortex Tour with Mark Amaru Pinkham
Sunday, November 4, 2012
1:00 – 4:00PM
$85.00 per person or less if there are 3 or more in the group!
Final price to be determined before the seminar.

Full Day Vortex Tour: $140.00 per person

Half Day Vortex Tour: $85.00 per person

Discounts Available for Private Groups of 3 or more!

If you would like for Mark to schedule your Sedona Vortex Tour
to be with other spirit-centered people, in a group of 3 to 4 others,
you will receive a discount.

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    I have not received one penny from my writing. I knew the truth would gather in one place for a last stand against the coming dark age. Consider the Drakenburg Mountains and the mountain and garden guard by a thread.

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