Did Delano Invent Rap Music 2





padre6The No.1 rule I came up with, was this….

1. At night, never open the door to anyone you do not know.

I was in my room that was to the right of the front door. I had just taken a bath and was in my Padre Robe reading the I-Ching. I found my priest robe in a church that was torn down by some insane man. Why? I salvaged the peddles for the organ, hung them on my wall, and used it as a candle holder. When I saw the movie ‘Phantom of the Opera’ I got homesick.

This was my Padre Period. I decided if I could not have Rena I would practice my own brand of celibacy. I didn’t mind buttoning the thirty buttons that ran down the front of the robe because I looked way cool. especially with my long hair that turned a reddish-blonde after Winnemucca…..for some reason. I suspect another Walk-on had taken over my body.

You see, that was the real problem, Rena was way more experienced sexually then me because I kept wavering about going to India and becoming Sadhguru (Yogi Mystic) or, becoming a cosmic lover of the fourth kind. This hesitation was stunting my growth, until Juniper came along. This real Flower Child was extremely promiscuous. She told me she had over six hundred lovers. She was twenty-two, and I twenty-four.

One day Juniper Lotus Flower came to Highland Street and told me she was taking me to a special place.

“It’s a surprise!”

And off we went in our bell-bottoms she picking flowers along the way and decorating me from head to toe. We were finding our bliss on a glorious spring morning. I applauded my decision to make love again and enjoy the scent of a woman.

We went inside this office building where Juniper took a number and bid me to take a seat.

“Why are we here?” I asked impatiently looking around for my surprise.

“We are here because I have given you a case of the crabs.”
“What are those?” I asked, like a Padre lost in the woods.
“Have you been itchy down there?” and she grabs my cock.
“Why, yes!”
“Well!” and she reaches for a pamphlet, opens it up, and shows me a picture. “This is what you got. This here is your surprise!”

* * *

So, there I am, lying on my bed I had to debug – after I returned to my Padre Ways. It took a month for the smell of the A2000 to go away. Then, there is a knock on the door. We made a cubicle for Robert in our large foray. Before I can stop him, Bob jumps out of bed, goes the door, and opens it wide!


In bursts a black man pointing something at Robert and orders him into the kitchen where four of our roommates are. Realizing I was not seen, I put the I-Ching down and go sit in my closet. I have an advantage, here. I can hear the voice of the Home Invader taking control. I hear;

“Up against the wall you honky mother-fuckers!”

I begin to put a white light around me. I ask this question;

“Did you see a gun?”

I ran the movie back. I saw no gun, only a hand in his jacket. I opened the closet door and headed to the kitchen in my Padre Robe, my long hair flowing after me as I floated down the hall.

to be continued

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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