Wanda’s Safe House






bruce444Wanda Harkins never met Rena Easton, even though she spent the night in her bed. Wanda was vacationing in Egypt when James let Rena’s boyfriend in the Harkins house on Willis Court where four years earlier there had been a raid by the Oakland Police due to the “Wild Bongo Party” that was going on in the garage.

Jeffrey Harkins was fourteen when he threw a party for his friends. When the cops showed up, James invited them right on in. His brother tried to shut the door, and was thrown against the wall and handcuffed. A paddy wagon hauled Wanda’s sons off to jail. The year was 1968.

Two years later, Rena and I are in crisis. Her lover – who drove her to Nebraska – is at the Harkins door and he wants to see his lover. After calling these muscle guys in Venice “fags” they chased him down the boardwalk, caught him, and put him in the hospital. Now he’s back! And he wants Rena by his side as they storm back to Nebraska in his Devil Mobile.

Today I saw a news item on the new series ‘Orange Is The New Black’. It is about a blonde lady who goes to prison for money laundering and drug trafficking. In 1987, Wanda Harkins gave Federal authorities permission to release Bruce Perlowin into her custodial care. Bruce was one of the biggest marijuana dealers in the world. Michael became a friend of Bruce when he visited him in the Fed Lockup with his wife, who used to be Bruce’s wife. While in jail Bruce married a famous Russian Spy. That’s; her picture on the wall of the basement room on Pinehave where the Harkins family moved to.

Wanda would come from the kitchen wiping her hands on her apron to answer the door to one of the most radical hippies that ever lived, Jerry Rubin.

“Hello Mrs. Harkins. Is Bruce here!”
“Come in, Jerry. He’s waiting for you in the basement.”

Bruce and Jerry were partners in Forest Rain-Crisp products as noted in Wikipedia. Bruce was susposed to stay away from drugs, but is now the big gree cheese in Medical Marijuana. In this video he employs Rena look-a-likes to push the glamor of MM. This is Doctor Feel-good with a young Russian model hanging on him as he meets with Big Nurse, Cheyrl Shuman. There is a Bondish feel to this video. Drug dealers are now in the employ of her majesty’s secret service. 007’s job is now clear. His mission is to get the healing drugs past the bad guys who want you to remain sick – just for kicks!

This is better then anything Thomas Pynchon came up with!

Business[edit source
Near the end of his life, Rubin was heavily involved in multi-level marketing of health foods and nutritional supplements.[11]
On November 14, 1994, Rubin jaywalked on Wilshire Boulevard, in front of his penthouse apartment [12] in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, California. It was a Monday evening and weekday traffic was heavy, with three lanes moving in each direction. A car swerved to miss Rubin but a second car, immediately behind the first, was unable to avoid him. He was taken to the UCLA Medical Center, where he died two weeks later. He is interred in the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Culver City, California.


Wanda Harkins was my surrogate mother, and since 1968, she always gave me sanctuary from the storm, if just for one night sleeping on the couch, or staying a month or two down in the basement where the King of Pot had his headquarters. I was a good friend of Wanda’s three sons, James, Michael, and Jeffrey Harkins since 1965. I visited the Harkins home up on Skyline in 1966 with my friend, Nancy Hamren, who became a Merry Prankster. Doctor James Harkins was a well known pediatrician who experimented with LSD with his older son, James Junior. James with Rena and I on our infamous road trip to hell.

We used to call Wanda Mr’s Cleaver, because she was stuck in 50s. She was the consummate housewife long after she and Jim were divorced. Wanda never failed to invite me to Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, she knowing my natal family were not hospitable. Wanda was a Republican right-winger whose boyfriend attened the hijinks at Bohemian Grove. Wanda would come down into the basement to do a load of laundry, and ask Bruce about the photo;

“That’s my wife. We got married in prison.”

“Oh, how sweet!” Wanda said.

Bruce said the rewards arent worth the risk to Junior High school kids in Oakland’s Ghetto, where Bruce had gone at my suggestion, I trying to do a 12th. Step. I challenged Bruce to give a anti-drug-profit message. Bruce saw a chance to garnish some publicity. I was angry, and called the Tribune reproter who wrote the article. Turns out he had eleven years sobriety, and, he felt guilty for getting Bruce busted because of an article he wrote that he was not aware would crack open the case that put Bruce in the Fed lockup.

“Are you kidding me!”

Here is a video of Bruce with Reverend Doug Van Dyke “Doctor of Divinity” I doubt the Doc can quote me one verse from the Bible, but, he is next to Bruce in oder to prove he has a spritual program of some kind – that might heal you! Doug is a secular Jesus pot-head. In many ways he is – me – the me I used to be, that hippie who grew up in Oakland, and who was adopted by the Robert Hamilton, the man behind Owsely, who with his brother Tim Hamilton, sold LSD all over the world.

Below is a vdio of Buzzy Linhart who had a legal marijuana orginization years before Bruce. Buzzy is a friend of Chris Wandel, and went to this show with Joe Marra who owned the Night Owl Cafe in the village. Chris dated Peter Shapiro of the Loading Zone.

Michael became friends with Bruce when he went with his wife and Bruces son to visit The King in prison. Michael was good friends with the beat poet Michael MacClure, and Jim Morrison. He was approached by Stone’s people and asked Michael about his friendship with Jim. They wanted material for the movie The Doors.
Michael told them their movie will suck, and they can go fuck themselves. The movie sucked, as will Bruces movie, as will the movie about my famous sister, will suck, because, Rosamond’s biography sucks, and the people who want to make money – suck the most!

Michael worked as a Private Investigator, and went with me to Carmel to attend the funeral of Christine Rosamond Benton. It was Michael who alerted me to things that were – fishy! If you put Rosamond’s, Bruces’s and Jim’s story-movie together, then you might have an interesting story about folks who like money, sex, drugs, and power!

Above is the price list mu ex-brpther-in-law sent out to steady customers of Rosamond images – a week after she drowned. The probate would ot get under way until a year later due to the huge legal battle over – money – because most folks who surrounded Christine believed the price of dead artist’s work would skyrocket! Instead of the Drunken Rosemary prints being worth $250,000 dollars, they might bring in a cool million. Then there are the book and movie sales. Carrie Fisher did one screenplay.

Victoria from Chicago, after a couple of freakouts at the airport and motel, became convinced the Mafia was behind Bruce, and, she would be snuffed out because she got too close to Mr. Big. That’s when I got a urgent call from Michael;

“Get up to Wandas and meet me in the backyard. I’m bringing this woman to meet you. Pretend you are the Godfather. Reasure her I am not a hit man for the Mafia.”

I got in my gold Cadillac and headed for Wanda’s Hideaway. In the backyard I found a coffee cup, and prentended it was full of coffee. There was a newspaper I pretended to read, as she came through the gate. I could hear her gentle whimpering, she believing she had minutes to live. Then she saw me.

Before I could stand up to shake her hand, she has fallen to one knee, and is grasping my hand hard. I spoke gently to her, my blues eyes, bathing her in wisdom and understanding, that, told her things do not have to go badly, and, putting my hand on her shoulder I said;

“You’re under my protection now. (and Wanda’s) You need no longer worry! Michael, make sure no harm comes to Victoria.”

Vicki broke out in tears and cried;

“Oh! You are not what I expected at all. You are a gentle giant!”

Victoria was too hysterical to get on the plane. But, after one session with the Godfather, she was good to go. She reassured Bruce there would be a check in the mail as she waved goodbye. It never arrived. However, I – Mr. Big – received an envelope, which I never told Bruce about. I purtchased a Brother word processor to work on my novel The Gideon Computer which is about the last hippie in the future who gets busted and sent to the first privately owned prison. My friend Nancy suggested I write the history of the hippies, but, how boring!

“Alls well, that ends well!”

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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