Mary Magdalene With Skull







renablackPerhaps I should depict Rena Easton holding a skull, if just for the reason her late husband participated in the Make People Dead Industry that made a few folks – very rich. I will put this caption underneath my masterpiece…


Why do so many works of art depict Mary carrying a skull? In the Death card, Death is carrying a rose.

As an alleged prostitute, Mary Magdalene could be accused of sleeping with the Roman enemy. Was Rena ever employed as a beautiful spy?

Just thinking aloud. But see how the world is….the Men of War are Sane, while the Men with a Rose, are Insane? Of course they want to capture Beauty, get her on their side. Of course!

I am sure someone has suggested I am stalking my Muse, but, Sir Ian’s crowd is after your money in order buy more murderous weapons in order to kill millions many times over. Of course they have to count who is a Christian, and who is not, lest Death’s Stockholders own a guilty conscience. Of course they don’t, because they have weighed the money against the skulls, and the money wins every time.

Here are your enemies of Art, for they make War, and they make Death. How dare they use Jesus as their Warrior Muse, their Guardian War Angel. How dare they! They will curse the day they have done this – to you.


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    That you have committed to memory a million poems, and judge your work day – as a janitor – by not missing a word in your recitation, suggests you are a very old soul that can not leave the planet of poetry, for too long, forever. Mary consulte the head of Jesus the same way Salome consults the head of John. There is a pen and paper, forever at hand, and ready.

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