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gard0010Christine 1967 Rosemary, Pip & Vicki

Christine 1970 & Michael Dundonchris-storyteller-iiMore Friends and Lovers of Rosamond

Christine is considered one of the few women that made it big time in the art world, yet there is no real explanation about how she got famous and what her contributions as an artist and a woman were to the art world – and the women’s movement. Christine Rosamond’s autobiography was disappeared, with this lying explanation as to why there are not more words from Rosamond.

“What notes there were, were the ideations of a woman who was not well when she wrote them.”

Vincent van Gogh was treated for mental illness. He too was a world famous artist. He wrote 874 letters containing 850,000 words. Most of these famous words were sent to Vincent’s brother. These brothers had the most famous relationships in Art History. One would think the words of Christine’s brother, Rosamond’s teacher, would be worth something. Instead I am depicted as Christine’s oppressor at the same time Christine’s 90 year old kindergarten teacher is found so she can testify to Rosamond’s early genius. No name, city, or school is given. She is the Kindergarten Phantom – the Ancient Queen of Nap-time!

“If Christine’s parents had embraced her talent, there might be existing works from her childhood, but this was not to be. Fearing that Christine would steal her brother’s spotlight as the family artist, Christine’s mother, Rosemary, forbade Christine to draw at home. The only time she could express herself was at school or in her closet, by flashlight, when everyone else was asleep. Though we don’t have images to prove it, Christine’s kindergarten teacher has said that, by age five, Christine was already drawing with adult skill. She can remember Christine’s pictures of animals having near perfect detail and perspective.”

Above is a photo of Bill Arnold. Bill was the love of Christine’s life. He died in 1963. We met in Mr. Kautche’s art class when we were thirteen. Kautche was Christine’s teacher, too. There were no reports that Christine took art seriously. Bill and I were famous artists in school. Our bond was an extremely creative one. Rosemary adored Bill and bought him two cars. Bill came to live with us after his father locked him out of the house when he was sixteen. San Sebastian Avenue was a Mecca for the Arts. Lewis Stevens became an artist because of Bill and I and was in love with Christine.

With the help of Vici Presco, my sixteen year old daughter believed the lies Stacey Pierrot hired ghost writers to tell. They dangled a movie career before A MINOR, promised her stardom – if she took their side!

Since my beloved sister died, I have refrained from giving any antidotes about my relationships with Christine, lest they be stolen and employed by the parasites who are still trying to land a movie deal so they can be rich and famous even though they can not paint, or write a poem. They hire ghost writers, authors who never met Christine, or talked to her real friends and family.


In her paintings above, Christine is real chatty, she holding court where many women hang on her every word. In my last ten posts I have been making some of these women, who are our kindred, come alive. Women are active sexual beings. They bond with men, have sex, and give birth to children. Christine rendered images of our children as well.

Rosamond conceals most of her women behind a vain mask. They are looking at themselves in a mirror. They are desexed, in a sterilized manner. Where are the men in their life? They are bringing the car around while she in putting on her make-up. He is taking her somewhere where she can show off her new dress. These women are captured in a Beautiful Ghetto where appearances are vital to ones survival. There are no mature women amongst them. This is not what Christine intended, but the dictates of her success dictated her subject matter. Non creative family members wanted a piece of her. Then there were her husbands. I was going to be Christine’s first male portrait. That is me in the pool with Cindy Blake who later became Michael’s lover.
The little boy is Cean a.k.a. ‘Garden Child’

How dare Stacey Pierrot claim she is the “Custodian of the Rosamond legacy”

In an hour I am going to have breakfast with a man whom Christine loved. He is our kindred, Michael Dundon, the brother of James Dundon, who was married to my surviving sister, Vicki Presco. We share a nephew. Rosamond’s blood flow in him through sexual union. Christine’s struggle with her sexual being, her formative years, is not discussed. We know nothing about her sex life outside my blogs. She, and the beautiful Women she has captured on her Canvas Prison have been de-Manned! You do not see them with Men. Only one boy was rendered, my brother’s son, Cean.

As I have pointed out, our mutual friends became our lovers. When I brought Bill to our house when I twelve, it was love at first sight. Howver Bill kissed Christine once, then came to me and we talked about this kiss,. Was it going to come between us. Bill concluded this at sixteen;

“I might be seeking a female version of you.”

Ad that was that.

Christine became the lover of Mark Owen who was Bryan McLean’s friend. Mark’s father was going to marry my mother.

When Christine stayed at her friends in Oakland, she met Keith Purvis, and they were an item off and on for years. Keith came to live with me when I lived in New York. I was seventeen. Keith was sixteen. We became best friends. When Keith broke up with Christ Wandel, who was Peter Shapiros girlfriend, she came naked to my made and deflowerd. Me I was twenty years of age. She had to have me. Below is the poem I wrote about us.

I just returned from my Breakfast With Michael where he divulged some very profound information that will open the locke door and let out the secrets of Rosamond’s success. Over bacon and eggs at Addies, Michael divulged he sat for Christine while she did pen and ink drawings of him. Our kindred was very impressed. Michael modeled for Rosamond at his brother’s house. He then bought Christine about $300 dollars worth of supplies. Christine now had an easel, canvas, and a set of oils. She began to render works of art in earnest. She took some classes at UCLA. I saw one painting she did that she gave to Cean. It was a copy of a famous sea scape you find in an art book. I was famous for being able to paint a seascape in eight hours.

Two of the first paintings Rosamond produced were used to pay Michael’s bail, get him out of jail. Will the real author of this story – please stand up!

Christine became Michael’s Go-el Redeemer. She redeemed our kindred from prison. Christine had only known Michael for a little while. He was seventeen when he came from Rhode Island. He was born in 1952, the same year as Rena. Michael said this morning;

“I was Christine’s Muse”

“Yes!” I answered to what could have been put to me as a question, because I gave Michael another lesson on what a muse is, he following my search for Rena. I asked Michael what became of these drawing, there about four of them.

“I believe Raphael got them.”

I told Michael that I had goosebumps because I had just written about Christine’s best friends who also has the two paintings used for Michael’s bail. Raphael put up the money in exchange for them. How many works of art have sprung a human being – least the Muse of a famous artist – out of Jail.

Michael was arrested for making a false police report against Larry Sidel, Shannon Rosamond’s father. Larry and Christine had separated, but he still kept coming around and harassing his ex. Michael said there was a drug deal nearby selling drugs to school kids. Michael felt he was rescuing Rosamond, being her knight in shining armour. When Christine showed up at the jail and made bond, she smiled amusedly at her knight who had done a great thing for her, and she in kind, did a great thing for her lover.

I then told Michael I had found Rena, and that she is alive, and I have a way of contacting her. I told Michael I was debating whether to do this. I did not want to invade her privacy, freak her out, she perhaps not wanting to be found. We then talked about me painting again. Michael felt I was getting ready.

“I want to do a show. I never had a show. Rena has inspired me to do several works with her as my model. THAT’S IT! I will invite Rena Victoria to my first show. How can my muse refuse to make another grand appearance in my life?

Rena, if you are lurking in the back ground, or perhaps concealed behind a two-way mirror, I bid you to get ready. Go get your green cape out of the old trunk in the attic, because…………..


Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

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