Model – Teresa Moore

Teresa Moore for Cubus Swimwear Collection (Spring 2012) photoshoot







tersamoore3Teresa Moore began her modeling career at the age of 14 while attending High School in Auckland, New Zealand. Over the years, she has been a successful model and has worked with many reputable companies and top fashion brands.

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    Krista Albert gave up her seat to me. No sooner did I get comfy, then I beheld her, a beautiful young woman who could pass for Teresa Moore’s sister. Trinity Rose James could not take her eyes of mee, and everyone noticed, especially Krysta. It is very important for those who have been slandering me, understand you are sliming others. Trinity is a innocent soul who might only be guilty of being vain, and, owning an ambition to model. I could tell se was matching pictures with me, and, she was fulfilling her destiny.

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