Cheemah Mother of the Fire Spirit





broadway9I love Aries women. I have Aries rising. For years I wanted to see a statue of Liberty looking out the Golden Gate – again. There is a plan to turn Treasure Island into a organic community.

Spans and Hands across the water. A golden ball of fire sets into the sea.


Pacifica was a statue created by Ralph Stackpole for the 1939–1940 Golden Gate International Exposition held on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. Stackpole’s largest sculpture, it towered 81 feet (25 m) over the entrance to the Cavalcade of the Golden West in the Court of Pacifica. The Court of Pacifica was dedicated to the heroic explorers of Pacific Ocean territories. Pacifica was the theme statue for the exposition, representing world peace, neighborliness, and the power of a unified Pacific coast.[1][2][3]

Cheemah, Mother of the Spirit-Fire is an eighteen-foot (5.5 meter) tall bronze monument dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity, world unity and care for the earth. Osprey Orielle Lake is the artist and founder of the International Cheemah Monument Project. Ms. Lake’s vision is to place eight Cheemah monuments around the world to create an inspiring bridge between cultures. Three of the eight monuments have already been placed in Hamburg International Airport in Germany; Majorca, Spain and in the San Francisco Bay Area at Jack London Square.

The International Cheemah Monument Project is working towards the placement of these meaningful and inspiring public monuments that turn people’s thoughts to hope, self-responsibility and a more sustained and widespread honoring of all the people of the world.

The Cheemah Monument offers people the opportunity to experience art as a way to communicate important ideas and visions about our civilization. Conveying new ideas through images is a universal language that artists have participated in throughout history.

The primary elements of the statue are a compassionate, dignified woman with a beautiful torch adorned with earth medallions, a ring of colors representing all the people of the world, and a magnificient soaring golden eagle in full flight. Throughout time, in cultures worldwide, the eagle has represented the sun with its far reaching wings that touch us all like the rays of the sun. The composition and overall image of the sculpture convey strength and victory; not the victory that comes with overpowering others, but rather the victory of seeking a unified positive future. The aim of this monument is to uplift people and ennoble the heart and mind.

The Cheemah Project has been honored to work with Mr. Valentin Burgmann of Time for Art Galleries, Germany, and with Circles Art Inc., a non-profit art resource corporation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Project supporters and volunteers are working to locate meaningful sites, and to fundraise in Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia, and Central and South America. After all eight monuments have been installed there will be a bronze Earth globe placed at each site which will indicate the specific locations of the monuments in the other seven cities.

We invite you to learn more about the Cheemah Project, to enjoy the artwork and to leave us your ideas and comments.

We are currently searching for financial sponsors, so please contact us if you are interested in learning more how your support can create additional placements and how your name or company name can appear on a bronze plaque at the base of one of the monuments, leaving a legacy of beauty and meaning for many, many generations to come.

I would love to author a story about an angel sent by the Star of the Sea to save a un-named person from death due to a pending accident on rocks by the sea. The only trouble is, this angel is terrified of the sea, and loathes to get near it.

“Where is she?” I asked, looking down on the waves as they rolled onto the sand.

When Rena walked out of that darkened doorway, she asked;

“Can I walk with you?”

“I was expecting you.” was my reply.

We stopped at a beach in Santa Barbara on our drive north. I saw that Rena was sitting behind a small dune with her back to the sea – reading a book. Coming from Nebraska, I wondered why she wasn’t taking in the ocean.

“I am afraid of the ocean.” Rena told me.

A week later we are at a small beech nestled in rugged rocks. Rena disappears. I go looking for her and find her behind a large rock looking hard at what frightens her. She is trying to overcome her fear. This very beautiful young woman sat on a flat shelf of rocks that dropped off into the deep. There were no waves. The water rose with the swells. If a large swell came, it would take Rena in the water, she not able to climb out due to the slippery seaweed. I called to her.

“Rena! You are not safe where you are. Don’t panic. Come this way.”

I felt like crying when I saw myself telling her grandmother her granddaughter was swept away to her death. This was 1970, fourteen years before Christine was swept into the sea.

Rena was my beloved Muse who married a Commodore who no doubt owned a yacht and went sailing with his beautiful wife and children around the Isle of Wight where they lived. Muses are depicted and Angels.

A year ago Rena came to me, and stayed a month. She walked everywhere I walked. When I lay down, she lay down next to me. I came to believe she was not alive. And, being dead she saw my near-death experience, and the death of my beloved sister – at the edge of the sea. She, had come to save both of us. Now, she wants me to come with her. she sees these horrible betrayals. They are more than one angel can bear. It’s too ugly.

Rena looks like Jesus’ daughter. Christine, Rena, and I ……..will become Immortals. It is written in the Star.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

Treasure Island, the man-made lump made up of 20 million cubic yards of sea floor soil sandwiched between 287,000 tons of rock and finally glazed over with 50,000 yards of loam.
The island was created for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition and then claimed as a Naval base until it was decommissioned 11 years ago. Since that time the city of San Francisco has been mulling over a re-facing and studying how to redevelop the bleak landscape on the horizon.
Following some-odd 300 meetings among officials, engineers, architects and the public, a plan has emerged and it is a bright green one. The task is to create a 13,500-person inhabited “urban oasis” consisting of the latest technology and natural systems that is expected to leave the slightest footprint on Earth!
In 2009, Treasure Island will begin the initial phases of construction and the little known city will suddenly blossom as a hot-bed and laboratory of “green” development. The latest in water conservation, energy efficiency, waste management and low-impact living will be implemented. The goal: to create the most ecological city in the world, a shining example of what the future holds.

The creators and designers of this idealistic platform see this city being less the threat to the planet, rather, an opportunity. Instead of devouring the natural resources and spitting the waste out in the form of sewage and garbage in what is typically called the linear flow. This island environment intends to produce its own energy and recycle its waste transforming the traditional city environment from a factory, in a sense, into an ecosystem. By integrating smart eco-friendly systems a city like this one will be able to support a larger number of citizens with far less resources.
Once the changes are complete, the entire restructuring of the island city from the ground up will permantently wipe away the present sense of personal privacy for the current residents. All will be lost in order to benefit the public by greatly increasing the amount of open space. For example, housing density will increase from eight units per acre to 75, essentially doubling the amount of open space while accommodating five times as many residents.
The plan also calls for a shortening of the roads to a maximum of 400 ft. giving way to a pedestrian friendly layout. 90% of the residents will be able to keep their autos planted in park gathering dust because they will be dwelling within a mere 10-minute walk of the city center. The 220 acres of proposed open space is to be planted with a diverse and healthy range of plants which will help offset the city’s greenhouse production. This smart planning of combined pedestrian access and carbon-sucking vegetation will offset the per capita carbon emissions a significant 60%, from an estimated 7740 to 3030 pounds per year.
An analysis of the weather patterns helped the urban planning committee to reorient the street grids 35 degrees west of due south to optimize the solar exposure and provide increased protection from the sea-faring winds. This re-alignment will increase energy efficiency and provide a more pleasant stroll around the town.
By the year 2020, more than 1 million square feet of roof tops will be covered with solar panels producing an estimated 30 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This is enough juice to be able to export power back into the grid system during peak hours. A wind farm positioned on the northwest corner of the island coupled with roof-mounted wind turbines will help supplement the solar power efforts as well.
A 20 acre city-operated urban farm will be placed just one mile from the city center greatly reducing the transportation costs for Treasure Island residents. For comparison, food in the U.S. travels an average of 1500 miles from the farm to the market place which is currently a significant burden to the agriculture industry nationwide. Manmade wetlands on the north end of the island will house and filter the bulk of the storm water runoff. Bio-swales will litter the landscape, these are channels filled with compost or vegetation that will assist in the natural removal of silt and pollution. Some 25% of the wastewater from homes and businesses will be treated and recycled for irrigation and for use in the commercial buildings.
This approved plan will provide ripe opportunities for eco-developers and bussinesses alike, allowing them to showcase their innovative and eco concious ideas and products to the world. The end result of all the proposed and planned developments might just make Treasure Island the most truly sustainable urban environment on the planet.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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