Save The Post Office 2





IMAG1160We are in the Age of the Gideon Computer. The novel I began in 1986, has come true. We are being spied on. Those without homes own no computers and are recieving the Word of God – directly!

Below I appear as a saint amongst the Occupy folks in downtown Eugene to tell them they have been led to the wrong place, and like Moses, I have come to take them to the Promised Land – THE POST OFFICE! I tell them we must return to the days of old which means we send mail the old fashioned way, send our stamped words that can not be read in a computer against our will. I got up and spoke at the second meeting of Occupy dressed as Uncle Sama-Claus.

A week after I made these videos Occupy was evicted and moved to a park.

Homeless Bill is taken to the Gideon Institute a huge warehouse prison where he is bid to spy on folks.

Here I am in front of the post office wherein there are murals rendered in the style of my kindred, Thomas Hart Benton, and my ex-brother-in-law, Garth Benton. After Hollis and Steve were evicted from Safeway, I suggested we put down blankets on the grounds of the U.S. Post Office and sell and trade brick-a-bracket that can be donated to these fine capitalist folks. The Constitution says ye shall build a post office and roads to the post office. This was key in comunicating with your elected officials – whose e-mail messages are being opened by nameless spies!

Send a letter to Uncle Sama-Claus, The North Pole, to express your outrage at having your e-mails opened and read by Spooks.

Jon Presco

As Americans demand answers about the government’s wholesale electronic snooping on its citizens, the primary snooper — the National Security Agency (NSA) — is building a monstrous digital datacenter in a remote corner of Utah capable of sorting through and storing every e-mail, voicemail, and social media communication it can get its hands on.

This top-secret data warehouse could hold as many as 1.25 million 4-terabyte hard drives, built into some 5,000 servers to store the trillions upon trillions of ones and zeroes that make up your digital fingerprint.

But that’s just one way to catalog people, said Charles King, principal analyst at data center consulting firm Pund-IT.

“The NSA — like any large organization — is using numerous kinds of storage systems,” King told, including “innovative SSD and in-memory systems for high performance applications like real time analytics.”

Some reports have suggested the data center could hold as much as 5 zetabytes, an astronomical sum equivalent to 62 billion stacked iPhone 5s. King called that number “difficult, if not impossible to conceive.”

“That would mean deploying about 5 million storage systems running roughly 1.25 billion, 4-terabyte hard drives,” he said.

The agency will neither confirm nor deny specific details about the 100,000 square foot center, which comprises four separate data halls. But industry experts reached by painted a detailed picture of how such a facility would work.

‘I wouldn’t think for a second that [the NSA] uses commercially available servers and storage.’

– Jim Knotts, a solutions architect at networking company Black Box

The NSA likely uses open-source UNIX operating systems rather than the Microsoft software common in business. And the storage and servers are probably custom-made, due to the scale of the operation, explained Jim Knotts, a solutions architect at networking company Black Box.

“I wouldn’t think for a second that [the NSA] uses commercially available servers and storage for the simple fact that if someone were to physically breach the facility, they would be able to have determined beforehand how to get past any security measures,” Knotts told

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