Unfamilied Soldiers

hollisw8I posted this on January 25, 2012


When Ronney gave his 47% speach behind closed doors to his ilk, he put veterans in the camp of his enemy.


ST VALENTINE’S Day reminds us of the innate desire we all have for love –to both give it and receive it. This longing is at the centre of our search for happiness. But how often do we reflect on what love is really about? Is it just a fleeting feeling that sooner or later lets us down, or is it something much deeper? The feast day of St Valentine – an early Christian martyr – is truly a day to remember “a love to die for”.

Who was St Valentine?
St Valentine was a priest in Rome in the third century during the rule of Emperor Claudius II. His association with young lovers is well known even in modern times. The story goes that Claudius, urgent to recruit soldiers for his armies, decreed that all weddings be suspended so as to encourage more single, unfamilied men to serve in combat. Seeing the anguish of young couples forbidden to marry, St Valentine performed secret weddings in defiance of the Emperor.

He was eventually arrested and imprisoned. While awaiting execution, St Valentine restored the sight of his jailer’s blind daughter. On the eve of his death, he penned her a farewell note signing it, “From your Valentine”.

On February 14, 269 AD he was beheaded. He is the Patron Saint of engaged couples and married lovers.

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3 Responses to Unfamilied Soldiers

  1. bamaearl says:

    NO! These soldiers are the very best, next to Yahshua, the SUN.

  2. bamaearl says:

    or : a freind said this… it reminded me of a letter you wrote many years ago…
    I also came to know, not believe, but know, St. Paul was a close homosexual, and that influenced his writings against men and women having sexual relations, and his writings placing men over women in their relationship to Christ and to God; writings which created as much harm in the collective soul of Christendom, as did the non-disclosure that Paul was homosexual, which didn’t seem to matter to God. The suppression of the truth about Jesus and Mary Magdalene caused just as much harm in the collective soul of Christendom. The two suppressions are why the Rome strain of Catholicism requires priests to be celibate. The Eastern strain of Catholicism rejected that abomination. Eastern strain Catholics can marry, have children. I daresay the Eastern strain of Catholicism does not suffer the level of pedophilia in priests, as the Rome strain suffers. However, neither strain allows women priests, which is an abomination.
    As is the Rome strain elevating Jesus’ mother to Jesus’ level. In the Gospels, Jesus was repeatedly coarse with his mother. He obviously had a problem with her. The problem was, she molested him in his youth. The suppression of that atrocity caused horrific injury in the collective soul of Christendom.
    As is the notion that God likes war.
    Did not Jesus tell his disciples in the Gospels, if they abided in him, they would come to know the truth and the truth would make them free?
    Sloan Bashinsky
    Any admonishment for me? Sir?

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