Bonds With Angels of Saint Francis

Rosamonds 1913 June &  Mary


Christine 1956It is clear I had a vision of a Pope that would adopt Saint Francis, and take the Catholic church out of the evil clutches of the rich and powerful.

I just talked to a Sister of the Secular Order of Saint Francis, and told her my two sisters saw an angel when they were children. Here is a post by Andrew Stark who says three Wieneke sisters entered the convent after an event that he titles “ridiculous or sublime”. He does not give us these stories lest he be called “nuts”, or, members of OUR family. Only when such stories come down from the most high and powerful, is it safe to own them – until now!

I declare all spiritual stories will now come from the poor and the disenfranchised. I am calling for a Crusade that will not wait for God’s Power to trickle on down to the least amongst us.

Fathers and Nuns do not bring children into the world, thus there are these gaps in my Family Tree that I am bid to place certain homeless and unfamilied souls who I judge to be on the path of ‘The Way’.

Hollis now has famous folks in his family tree, such as Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Christine Rosamond Benton, who saw an angel about the age she is in the photo above.

An average of 56 people an hour read this blog. It was Hollis’s dream to be famous one day. At the end of his life, he became convinced he would die in total obscurity. Hollis had angels around him that kept him safe. The name Hollis means ‘with the holly’.

Jon the Nazarite Prophet of the Original Francis

There’s a family story that says three of John Wieneke daughters married Starks and three entered the convent– from the ridiculous to the sublime! I have a document saying that there were two Stark families near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, related only through the Wieneke’s. Heinrich and Anna Catharina (sp) Kleinschlau Wieneke’s son John (Johan, in our family lore, 12-9-1834) had a sister, Anna Maria (7-23-1832), who married Andrew Stark.

As I told my newfound daughter; “Don’t despair, all’s well, that ends

I began my biography of Christine – and her three sibling – with the
visitation of Blue Angel that appeared at the foot of Christine’s bed
when she was ten. My little sister Vicki also saw this angel. She was
six. The old crone wh lived up the street ant befrinded the Presco
saw this blue angel that entered he beroom as a intence light, and
showed me a wreath of tiny burn holes it made in her lace curtain. I
titled my biography `Bonds With Angels’. For many years I wondered
about this angel.
Is God Calling You to the Secular Franciscan Order?
The process of becoming a professed Secular Franciscan is a journey that involves three separate stages and culminates in a lifelong commitment to live the gospel following the example of St. Francis of Assisi. This formation process unfolds in regularly scheduled formation sessions during which the home study material is thoroughly discussed.
The first stage, Orientation, provides time for dialogue and developing relationships in fraternity. During Orientation you will be introduced to the lives of St. Francis and St. Clare and share in Franciscan prayer life. You will be given general information about the Secular Franciscan Order. Orientation is a time to discern if the Spirit is calling you to a Secular Franciscan vocation. The period of Orientation is a minimum of three months.

There is evidence that Joan Clifford was given the title ‘Rose of the World’ by the common people. Rosamond became at Nun and lived at Godstow. It is being suggested a Nun should become the next Pope. This is to suggest Catholic World in looking for the ‘Rose of the World’ the embodiment of ‘Our Sweet Lady’ that was worshipped by my Rosemondt kindred in De Bosch.

Several years ago I completed my Holy Communion after looking at my Wieneke kindred who belonged to the Order of Saint Francis. Mother Mary Dominica founded Briarcliff College. Mary is Mary Magdelene Rosamond’s cousin. Dominica’s brother, John, was a priest, and her sister, Philopena became Sister Mary Calista in the OSF. Rosa Wieneke became Sister Mary Petronella.

My mother Rosemay (Rose Mary) wanted me to a Franciscan Monk. I believed she named me after Father John, but, wanted my name spelled Jon. When a nurse put an H in Jon, my mother went into a rage and never called me John. At fifty I read about the argment Elizabeth and Zachariah had over the naming of their infant son. My younger sister was named, Victoria Mary, and was sent to Catholic school. Rosemay Rosamond had a hidden religious agenda. Let us make a list of the Marys.

Mother Mary Dominica
Sister Mary Calista
Sister Mary Petronella
Mary Magdalene Rosamond
Rosemary Rosamond
Victoria Mary Presco
Heather Marie Hanson

For Rosemary Rosamond to name her first daughter after the Christ, speaks volumes. When it came to the fame of Christine Rosamond Presco, Rosemary declared on several occasions;

“You prepared her way.”

This is a referrence to John the Baptist.

Above is a photo of Mary Magdalene Rosamnond who looks like a Madonna, a Fair Rosamond.

What is interesting to me, and no other family member, is that my daughter, Heather Marie Hanson, was named after a flower followed by a form of Mary. Her mother put a Rosamond print over Heather’s crib, like one would the Virgin Mary, who was titled ‘The Rose of the World’. Patrice did not know my mother’s name, or, that we were raised Catholic. Heather was born on Rose Mary’s birthday.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

Four generations of Wieneke
From left to right: Hubert (sp?) Wieneke Frank Wieneke Johann%ehl% (aka John%ehl%) Wieneke Heinrich…
Attached To:
John Wieneke (1834-1915)

On The Ruins of Godstow Nunnery 1785 London Times

Here Rosamond, (ah! such is Beauty’s doom)
Tho’ once she shone with more than angel’s face,
Laid low within the dusky Charnel’s gloom,
With her sweet name the rugged wall doth grace;

Loos’d by the wintry wind and driving rain,
Here stones disjointed seem to hang in air;
Fall’n is the gate, which ne’er shall close again,
No more the prison of the cloister’d Fair.

Deep is the darksome valley’s lone retreat,
Where once to peace and their own God resign’d,
Religious virgin handmaids chose their seat,
Which well might awe the serious pious mind.

Here, in the late slow hours of waining night,
Full oft from far the traveller doth spy
The secret taper’s levell’d stream of light,
Steal through the crevic’d windows arch’d on high.

The midnight bell, at whose accustom’d sound,
With pine and fasting pale, with watchings worn,
Each maiden trac’d the lonely cloysters round,
Oft wak’d the sleeping lark before ’twas morn.

Fled are those days upon the wing of time:
Now here and there with damp and moss o’ergrown,
Moulders the fretted aile and roof sublime,
The massy buttress and the pile o’erthrown.

The heifer plucks the ivy from the wall:
Fall’n Godstow, is the glory of they dome!
Weep, stranger, as thou passest, weep its fall,
And strew a flow’r on Rosamonda’s tomb.

– EJ Dionne thinks the Catholic Church should make a “brave and bold” choice when it picks a new pope: It should pick a nun. Will it happen? Not a chance, he writes at the Washington Post, but putting a woman in charge “would vastly strengthen Catholicism, help the church solve some of its immediate problems and inspire many who have left the church to look at it with new eyes.” Lots of church critics, including many Catholics themselves, are tired of an all-male hierarchy that has spent decades covering up for all-male sins, writes Dionne. (The Los Angeles Times has yet another example today of the Vatican protecting abusive priests.)

Nuns, meanwhile, have been doing the real work of the church all this time—helping the least of their brethren, as the Bible instructs. This is the church that people admire. So if the cardinals can’t pick a woman, they should at least pick a man “who has the characteristics of my ideal female pontiff,” writes Dionne. “The church needs a leader who has worked closely with the poor and the outcast, who understands that battling over doctrine is less important for the church’s future than modeling Christian behavior—and who sees that the proper Christian attitude toward the modern world is not fear but hope.” Click for the full column. Or click to read another Post columnist who makes the case for an American pontiff.

Why the Next Pope Should Be a Poor Woman of Color
February 14, 2013 By Christian Piatt 8 Comments
For the first time in six centuries, the head of the Catholic Church is stepping down. Some, like Huffington Post Religion’s Senior Editor Paul Raushenbush, have suggested this is an indication that the stodgy religious institution is creeping its way toward modernism. Could it be that the role of Pope will be considered to be that more like a CEO than a sovereign ruler? Is there room within today’s church for its leadership to step down when they feel they can no longer adequately fill the tremendous demands heaped upon them?
Can Popes retire? And if so, do they have to give up those cool red shoes?
So if, indeed, the Catholic Church is moving in a new direction, why not consider a more thorough overhaul? Some have suggested that the next Pope should come from the southern hemisphere, given that this is where the faith is growing the most (actually, it’s not really growing much at all in the northern half of the world). But as some have suggested within the church, the process of selecting a Pope is not necessarily driven by creating a representative leadership.
That said, it seems a rare opportunity to do something exciting. I, like many people, assumed that the successor to Pope Benedict would have to come from within the College of Cardinals. But though this has been tradition for most of the life of the Church, Pope Clement V is a rare exception. He was plucked from a monastery to become Pope, with the hope of overcoming much of the perceived corruption within the College.
And though the College of Cardinals is not explicitly mired in scandal at the moment, the Church itself certainly has suffered some blows in the court of public opinion, as well as in the court of law, in some cases. So given that precedent, perhaps it’s time for another radical departure from tradition; one that will signal to the world that the Church is more committed than ever before to its mandate to care for the poor, and support the marginalized.
Who better to exemplify this than a woman of color who comes from modest means? Who better to embody the Christ-like compassionate suffering alongside the poor than one who knows the experience first-hand? But the question remains whether a woman ever could be the Pope. Given the historic exclusion of women from the priesthood, and therefore the process that leads one to become part of the College of Cardinals, it’s an admitted long shot. But as I mentioned above, the Cardinals technically can call whomever they choose to serve as Pope.
There are even legends of a female Pope, Pope Joan, who allegedly disguised herself as a man in the Middle Ages, but this is largely dismissed as myth by historians and leadership within the Church. But given the enduring popularity of the legend, it’s clear that more than a handful of people are intrigued by the idea, if not the reality, of what the Church would look like if a woman took the helm.

Re: Andrew Stark

bstark1990 (View posts)
Posted: 21 Sep 2012 6:13AM GMT
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Edited: 22 Sep 2012 1:31PM GMT
Surnames: Stark, Wieneke

Joseph Stark (b. 1879, d. 1946) married Ida Wieneke. This Joseph Stark is the son of another Joseph Stark (b. about 1846, d. unknown). The latter Joseph Stark is son of Jacob Stark (b. about 1820, d. before 1922).

Jacob Stark had two wives — Margaret Simmers and Theresa Wetzel. Exact spelling of the wive names is inconsistent in my notes that were passed down to me by my grandfather Dr. C.H. Stark of Cedar Rapids (e.g., sometimes Zimmer, or Teresa, etc..).

With Margaret, there appears to be 5 sons, most of whom made it to Cedar Rapids. Those are Nicholas, Ludwig, Gregory, and Leonard. Only Joseph (Sr) appears to have not made the trip to Cedar Rapids, though his son Joseph (Jr) did. Daughter Adelheid Stark (sister to Joseph Jr), did not go to Cedar Rapids, but instead went to Washington D.C. where she married John Henry Donch. Unclear why Adelheid went to D.C.

With Theresa, there appears to be 2 sons, who also made it to Cedar Rapids. Those are Theodore and Robert.

There also appears to be a daughter of Jacob Stark, named Ernestine Mai Stark. Source for that information is from a descendant of Ernestine Mai Stark & husband Matthias Biermann, who came across a reference for one of the Biermann’s on their way to Cedar Rapids to see Uncle Theodore Stark. It is unclear who the mother of Ernestine is.

Take a look at the information on my public tree here on; attached to a number of Starks in my tree are funeral cards that my grandparents had collected and saved over the years. There are also several other pictures of Starks that I was able to uncover, including those of Theodore and Ann (Wieneke) Stark.

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Re: Andrew Stark

BrendaGirardDahlin (View posts)
Posted: 25 Sep 2012 12:48AM GMT
Classification: Query

Surnames: Stark

I am unable to view your “public tree” because I have not paid my membership fee. I would love to view your pictures and funeral cards. I’m not sure if you can do an invite to the family tree with my email address. My email address is

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